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4 Best Areas to Ride Jet Skis Around Rhode Island

So you’re planning a trip to Rhode Island in the coming days or weeks and the thrill of riding a jet ski is on your mind.

Fortunately for you, I’ve done the research! I’ve created this guide to help you figure out where the most popular areas are. Whether you’re going for a rental or you own your own jet ski, this page will help you have a more enjoyable day out there on the waterways.

The most popular Rhode Island jet ski spots are:

1. Newport Harbor

Newport really gets my tick of approval for a place to experience on your own jet ski. If you’re not quite there yet, then don’t despair as there are numerous rental shops here which can offer you a jet ski for a very reasonable price. For the more adventurous folk, head on an organised tour where you’ll get to see sides of Rhode Island that some people will never get to experience.

2. Misquamicut Beach

Another top spot is Misquamicut Beach which is just epic. The cove inlets is a hit with families as well as thrill-seekers abound. If I wanted to tow tubes then this is where I’d be aiming to do it! Although this isn’t possible if you’re just hiring one for a few hours, which makes all the more reason to consider buying a jet ski yourself.

3. Narrangasett Bay

This is another recommended area and best for beginners. It’s the type of place that makes a great base for which to explore just about the entire area. In Google Maps, type in Conanicut Marine and you’ll find several boat ramps closeby but they can get busy on weekends in the warmer months.

4. Brewer Grenwich Bay

The last on our list is Warwick. If you head to the Brewer Greenwich Bay Marina then you’ll be able to launch your jet ski on their well-maintained boat ramp or choose a rental. Another top spot this one to base yourself for one incredible adventure. Insider secret: The food here is one of the best-kept secrets in the entire state.

Getting Started

Now at a stretch, you can actuall y ride from Providence all the way to Long Island and return with a jet ski. It isn’t for the faint-hearted and it’s best that you have a few months of experience on the handlebars. You might want to take some extra fuel as well!

Joshua Smith - Editor of

As the editor, I started this resource to share my knowledge of jet ski ownership globally. When I’m not out there riding, I’m engaging with industry trends and eagerly awaiting the development of electric jet skis.

6 Best Places to Ride a Jet Ski in Maryland

So you’ve either just bought a jet ski or you’re looking to hire one in Baltimore or Ocean City for a fun day out there on the water.

Well…I have some great news for you! I’ve done the research as I too was curious where people are typically riding. After spending hours upon hours combining through articles and Facebook discussions, I was able to create this list.

Let’s begin.

Best Places to Ride Jet Skis in Maryland

This side of the country isn’t well known as say Florida but that shouldn’t stop you from going out there and adventuring around. The summer months certainly are ripe and you’ll find numerous PWC owners out there as well. Be sure to introduce yourself at the local boat ramps as they are certainly a friendly bunch.

I really do recommend that you join one of the local jet ski clubs. Likewise the Facebook groups often have riders who are looking to ride with others.

This is where jet ski owners in Maryland often ride:

1. Chesapeake Bay

No doubt that the Chesapeake Bay is certainly popular especially for residents of Baltimore. You don’t need to travel far in order to find a boat ramp or a rental business where you can get out there and ride within the hour.

You’ll find miles and miles (and miles!) of riding here. So much so that I recommend taking a GPS with you just in case. Some guys take the experience further by taking their camping gear or dropping a line in the water to catch some decent fish. There are numerous marina gas stations on the bay where you can refuel your jet ski.

2. Potomac River

If you want to ride a bit up into Washington, then Potomac River. Now, it isn’t as popular as the main channel but certainly, a great way to experience city life from behind the handlebars. Just look out for other vessels and note the speed limits as you get closer to Washington.

3. Ocean City

You can tell that Ocean City is popular based on the sheer volume of rental businesses that it has. While it’s a bit of a drive if you’re coming from Baltimore, Ocean City does make for the perfect weekend trip with the jet ski towed behind! Aim to arrive Friday evening and depart on Sunday evening to make the most of it in the summer months.

You really do have some great options here. You can ride from Assawoman Bay down to Isle of Wight Bay and through the inlet to the open ocean. There is many miles to see and explore, which could take you down to the next area on our list.

4. Chincoteague Bay

If the crowds of Ocean City and its numerous jet ski riding areas makes you a little nervous, then aim for Chincoteague Bay. You’ll find it significantly quieter and there are only 2 jet ski rental businesses located here. Ride around and explore the Assateague Island national seashore and the various small islands as well as Wallops Island. The perfect escape from the crazy times that the world is going through.

5. Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay

While you’ll have to head north into Delaware, there are dozens of people making this trip every month with their jet skis to explore some different areas. Because these are lesser-known areas for watersports enthusiasts, you’ll find this large area to have plenty of space to stretch out and find the red line. There are also some beautiful campsites which have boat ramps if you desire to stay overnight.

6. Delaware Bay

While you’re there, consider exploring Delaware Bay on a jet ski which has plenty in which you can explore. This is the type of place where taking some additional fuel might be necessary. I’ve heard of people riding right up into Philadelphia after launching their jet ski at one of the more popular boat ramps in Ocean City. Quite the endurance trip I would imagine!

In Summary

There we have it! Some great places in which you can ride and explore today whether it’s just for a few hours…a few days or even an entire week! While the winter might not be the best time to explore, Maryland certainly is spoiled to have so many areas in which owners can explore.

I’ll catch you out there!

Joshua Smith - Editor of

As the editor, I started this resource to share my knowledge of jet ski ownership globally. When I’m not out there riding, I’m engaging with industry trends and eagerly awaiting the development of electric jet skis.

7 Best Places to Ride Jet Skis in Ohio

So you live in either Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron or Cincinnati and you’re looking for somewhere to go riding on your jet ski this weekend.

I’ve done the research as I was curious about this too. I asked myself “Where are the best places to ride?” and after spending hours combing through articles and Facebook groups, I was able to put this article together.

Let’s begin.

Best Places to Ride Jet Skis in Ohio

While the State of Ohio isn’t necessary at the top of our list when we think about places to ride, fortunately, there are certainly some really good areas as I recently discovered.

Places where you’ll find other jet skis riders to cruise around with. Pro-tip: Join one of the numerous Facebook groups as there are regular organized events all across summer.

This is where jet ski owners in Ohio typically ride:

1. Lake Erie

Who would’ve guessed? Lake Erie takes the prize as the most popular place to ride jet skis in Ohio because on the numerous spots where you can launch and explore.

You can aim for Marblehead, Vermillion, Sandusky, Huron or Cleveland. You’ll find numerous people who rent jet skis here so you’ll need to be a little more careful around these beginners.

2. Indian Lake State Park

Another very popular spot is Indian Lake State Park. On this lake, not only can you ride all day long but camp in the evening. It’s also a popular place to go jet ski fishing. Numerous water sport shops and you can get gas refueled if you need to.

3. Cowan Lake State Park

While it’s a smaller area, you’ll love the beauty of Cowan Lake and spot a few dozen or so jet skis on here each weekend. It’s more for relaxation as opposed to trying to reach new top speed records. If you’re simply wanting an area where you can tow tubes with the family, then I can highly recommend this spot!

4. South Bass Island State Park

Riding a jet ski around South Bass Island is pretty spectacular. Once you’ve done a few laps, pull up at one of the numerous docks or beaches and go for a swim in the warmer months. You could literally spend a few days here so bring the RV or stay at one of the numerous cabins in the region.

5. Rocky Fork State Park

Another small lake similar to Cowan Lake is Rocky Fork. It’s extremely popular with fisherman so look out for these while you’re cruising around. You might even be keen to join them given how good the fishing is!

6. Lake Huron

Of course Lake Huron makes the list! There are dozens of boat ramps where you can launch and retrieve and parking is super easy even on weekends. You’ll find many miles of waterways and inlets and I’d even suggest bringing a GPS.

7. Lake Michigan

I’ve really left one of the best places to ride until last! Make the trip out of state and over to Lake Michigan and you won’t be disappointed. This is where you can really test out your top speed and put a smile on that face this weekend! This actually is connected to Lake Huron and Georgian Bay so you’ll have so many miles to explore.

In Summary

There we have it! Some really good riding for those who are committed to going out there and exploring the region. Ohio is blessed to have so much freshwater around and the authorities legally permit jet skis in most lakes too. If there is a jet ski rental business on a lake, then that’s a sure sign that you can ride your own there too!

Just remember that some of these lakes in the State of Ohio are larger than expected so plan your trip with a GPS and you may want to take note of places where you can refuel.

Stay safe and I’ll catch you out there on the lakes!

Joshua Smith - Editor of

As the editor, I started this resource to share my knowledge of jet ski ownership globally. When I’m not out there riding, I’m engaging with industry trends and eagerly awaiting the development of electric jet skis.

5 Best Places To Ride Jet Skis in the United Kingdom

Have you ever wondered whether there are any places worth riding a jet ski in the United Kingdom? There are hundreds of owners, but where do they ride and where can you hire one?

I’ve created this guide to answer this very question. You’ll find that the best riding spots are in England as opposed to Scottland or Ireland given the easier access to waterways and the generally larger population.

Let’s begin.

Best Places to Ride Jet Skis in the United Kingdom

Right – the UK isn’t quite so well known for having the best weather and with a short summer season, it’s little wonder that boats and PWCs aren’t the hottest selling items. Canal boats really are the exception here.

Jet Ski riding in England
You can certainly ride jet skis in the United Kingdom

Then again, I have found some popular riding areas where you can explore from behind the handlebars. Places where you’ll actually come across other jet ski owners in the United Kingdom too.

Most people in the United Kingdom ride at these locations:

1. Pembrokeshire, Wales

In Pembrokeshire, y ou’ll come across the Monkstone Jet Ski Club which was formed over 20 years ago to protect the interests of PWC riders while providing an outlet for those to get together for friendships and fun. Not only can you go jet ski riding, but the club also provides opportunities to learn sailing and other types of watersports.

2. Torbay, South Devon

A popular place where jet ski riders visit is Torbay. You’ll find just under 30 nautical miles of coastline to let the throttle open on. Registering with the Harbour Authority is necessary if you’re close to Torbay Habour and you can also reach Torquay, Brixham and Paignton harbours too as well as the local estuaries and rivers.

3. Mudeford Quay, Dorset

If you want to ride year-round, then my recommendation is that you join the Mudeford Personal Watercraft Club. There is almost 100 members now and they meet very regularly to go jet ski riding together. You’ll be surprised at the amount of coastlines that they cover including Dorset and Hampshire as well as Swanage Bay and Southampton Waters. Highly recommended!

4. Colwyn Bay, Wales

Another on the list for Wales is Colwyn Bay and just like the others, you’ll find a jet ski club here too! They’re the oldest jet ski club in the United Kingdom and members get to associate themselves with other families who share their same passions. So much to explore and they have frequent group rides with families welcome.

5. Sale, Cheshire

If you’re looking for a small jet ski club but welcomes beginners with open arms, then you’ll want to head over to Sale and join the Trafford Water Sports Centre. You can get an annual membership and they operate year-round. This is a freshwater environment which is perfect if the swell is too extreme to launch and explore the coastlines. As it’s a lake, you can only ride here if you’re a member of the club and you’ll need to get in touch with them first.

Hire Jet Skis in the United Kingdom

Perhaps full ownership isn’t your thing but you still want to experience the joy of riding without having to jump on a plane and visit south-east Asia.

Well, there are some places in the UK where you can hire jet skis even without a licence. This includes Nene Valley Water Ski in Northampton and Jet Ski Safaris in Poole, Bournemouth. These operate both tours for those who want someone to guide them and as well as free-range hire where you can ride yourself at your own pace.

Either way – it’s evident that there are certainly some great riding around and unlike the tropics, you won’t get the crowds to deal with. Just get yourself some good thermals and wear a helmet to keep the cold wind away from the nostrils…then you’ll be set for a fun day out there while everyone else is down at the pub.

Stay safe and I’ll catch you out there!

Joshua Smith - Editor of

As the editor, I started this resource to share my knowledge of jet ski ownership globally. When I’m not out there riding, I’m engaging with industry trends and eagerly awaiting the development of electric jet skis.

6 Best Places to Ride Jet Skis in Colorado

Colorado is blessed to have some of the best lakes for watersports in North America. Places where you can be exploring for days on end!

But…it’s almost like insider knowledge. When I first get started into jet-ski riding, I really struggled to figure out where local owners were riding. That’s why I created this guide here on Jet Ski Advice.

Best Places to Ride Jet Skis in Colorado

Don’t let next summer go to waste! If the sun’s shining, then you’d better be hooking up and getting yourself to the local boat ramp by 8am.

Why so early? The crowds on weekends can be intense in some areas around Denver and Aurora. You wouldn’t want to be waiting up to an hour to launch your PWC.

Whether you’re an owner or someone looking to rent one for several hours, you’ll find the riding to be excellent.

Colorado’s most popular jet ski destinations are:

1. Grand Lake

If you want to find the biggest area in which to ride jet skis in Colorado, then Grand Lake it is! They certainly named this one appropriately! While it’s very popular for watersports enthusiasts and you’ll come across dozens of other jet ski riders here every weekend, there is still plenty of space to explore and get away from it all.

2. Chatfield Reservoir

Head into Chatfield State Park and you’ll find this incredible Reservoir. Trust me – it won’t just be you out here enjoying this nice flat bit of water! After all, there are a few jet ski rental businesses here so you’ll be sharing the area with some newbies. Don’t let that frustrate you as there is plenty of space to open the throttle wide!

3. Boyd Lake

Boyd Lake certainly isn’t as big but has several boat ramps and makes a great spot if you’re seeking to get away with the family. It’s in the Front Range around Loveland and a great area for towing tubes as well as fishing. While there are several boat ramps, you’ll need to aim for Heron Cove as it’s reserved for personal watercraft.

4. Lake Granby

Lake Granby is just missing the ‘d’ because it’s certainly large! We’re talking almost 50 miles of shoreline in which you can beach your jet ski and explore on foot. The lake can get busy with fisherman and slow down to avoid excessive wake. Plenty of overnight camping opportunities right on the lake as well for the entire family with dogs welcome.

5. Lake Pueblo

Lake Pueblo isn’t that big but worth a mention especially if you’re seeking to hire a jet ski. It’s a smaller body of water so it’s ideal for a beginner seeking to get some experience on their own PWC too. You might feel like you’re going around in circles here so it wouldn’t be my first choice, but worth checking out on a lazy weekend.

6. Horsetooth Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir is popular with the jet ski owners residing in Fort Collins. While it’s only just under 7 miles long, it’s still plenty to have some run and race some buddies, plus there are numerous inlets that don’t receive too much marine traffic than compared to the main channel. Watch out for the waterskiers whose numbers triple on weekends as well as those riding for the first time on their rented jet ski.

Getting Yourself Started

There we have it! 6 great areas in which you can explore behind the handlebars of a jet ski this coming weekend. In some of these areas you may need to get a recreation permit if you’re entering national parks plus pay a camping fee if you’re staying overnight, but trust me – it’s worth it!

Stay safe and I will catch you out there!

Joshua Smith - Editor of

As the editor, I started this resource to share my knowledge of jet ski ownership globally. When I’m not out there riding, I’m engaging with industry trends and eagerly awaiting the development of electric jet skis.