6 Legal Places to Jet Ski in Massachusetts Worth Riding

Jet Ski Riding Areas Massachusetts

When most people think of Massachusetts, they don’t necessarily think of places to go jet ski riding. But you know what? There are several spots that the locals have kept quiet about for years.

But yet, here we are. JetSkiAdvice is about to spill the beans, so you can go exploring with your PWC this weekend! Even if you’re not from Boston itself, you’re sure to find some great spots where you can ride for most of the year. Let’s begin.

These places are where you can ride a jet ski in Massachusetts:

1. Webster Lake

Webster Lake is the perfect place for beginners. If you’ve just bought a PWC, head here on a weekday to avoid the crowds and the swell. There is a great boat ramp at Memorial Beach, though an entrance fee may be charged. This is also a great spot for weekend camping as well as tow sports.

2. Dorchester Bay

Boston Harbor is the best recommendation for complete freedom. Where you can (for the most part) leave the speed limits and restrictions behind, if only for a few hours of joy. Head for the Morrissey Blvd boat ramp or the Brooks St boat ramp as an alternative.

3. Nantucket Sound

A slightly quieter alternative is Nantucket Sound. This area is popular with sailors and the waterway is relatively calm despite some swell. The best recommended boat ramp is Saquatucket Harbor Ramp #684 which you’ll find off Route 28, otherwise known as Main Street with parking costing $10.

4. Sesuit Harbor

Sesuit Harbor in Dennis becomes quite busier on weekends but during the week it’s a beautiful and quiet area. If you’ve just bought your jet ski and are keen to head for the ocean, then this makes for the perfect training ground! Take it easy going out the channel and you can park on either the east or western sides, with prices cheaper on the eastern side…especially on a weekday!

5. Providence River

While not the best places to explore on a jet ski, the Providence River allows you to really take in the sights and sounds of Providence city. You’ll need to prepare for this trip as it’s a decent haul down the interstate from Boston, with numerous boat ramps to choose from. Be mindful of other marine traffic and speed restrictions.

6. Lake Congomond

Lake Congomond is a small yet stable body of water that’s popular with jet ski riders and water skiers alike. Congomond Lakes North boat ramp has several lanes which comes in especially helpful on weekends where there can be a line up. Once you’re tired from a day of riding, be sure to cast a line as the fishing opportunities here are plentiful!

In Summary

There we have it! 6 great spots to ride in MA with a couple you probably didn’t know about. Plan ahead with a full tank of gas, plus enough food and water for your day on the water.

Have you found any other great riding areas? Drop me a line as I’d be keen to update to list.