Jet Ski Rental in Charleston SC: Under $100 and Where To Go

Charleston Sc

If the weekend’s weather forecast is predicted to be sunny, there is no better way to explore Charleston’s waterways than by jet ski.

Whether it’s an organized tour or self-drive option, we have rounded up the 4 best rental stores around town. All these businesses have been vetted for public liability insurance, reviews and most importantly, epic riding areas.

Let’s begin.

1. Tidal Wave Water Sports Charleston

Tidal Wave Water Sports Charleston runs their own guided jet ski adventure tour. This has been running for years and they offer a free shuttle bus too. These tours go for 90 minutes and includes a stop at Capers Island with some stunning wildlife for those looking for an eco-friendly tour and the chance to spot some dolphins.

2. Dolphin Watersports

The next on this list is Dolphin Watersports. They have multiple locations to choose from, but oddly enough, they aren’t open on weekends. That’s made up by the fact that you won’t have to ride with a guide with some incredibly riding length.

3. Little River Watersports

It’s hard not to include Little River Watersports on this list. They are well known and offer some experiences that others don’t, including 4 hours worth of jet ski fishing. They do operate on weekends and weekdays provided the weather is reasonable. You’ll find them at Myrtle Beach.

4. East Coat Jet Ski Rentals Myrtle Beach

Another rental store at Myrtle Beach is East Coat Jet Ski Rentals. You can join a 1 hour or 2 hour rental if you prefer to ride yourself, or jump on board the 3 hour tour or backwater adventure. Uniquely, they offer supercharged Sea-Doo GTX 230s which is rare in the rental market. Most others use GTI 130’s which are kinda average after a few rides.

Getting Started

It’s hard to pass up a ride this summer and there is no need to be hiding behind the phone. All these rental stores provide dry storage for your valuables while also allowing GoPro mounting, so you can take photos of your epic day out there on the waterways.

Now you have no excuses! We’ll see you out there.

Airlie Beach Jet Ski Hire: $90 to Explore The Whitsundays?

Jet Ski Hire Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is reopening as a tourist hotspot given that border restrictions in Queensland have mostly been eliminated. What does that mean? The perfect chance to hire a jet ski!

The Jet Ski Advice team has done the research to find you the best jet ski hire company to help you explore the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef. Whether it’s a tour or self-drive option, you’ll certainly find a genuine operator who holds adventure at their core.

Let’s rip straight into this!

Whitsunday Jetski Tours

These guys mean business and have been voted Australia’s #1 tourism experience. They operate tours from the Coral Sea Marina where you can explore the Whitsundays on the Sea-Doo GTI. No underpowered Sea-Doo Sparks here! They expect you to have some serious fun.

You’ll find them at Shop 3 Coral Sea Marina South Village, Shingley Drive, Airlie Beach. They are only around 30 minutes from Proserpine.

Fact: They are the only jet ski hire business in Airlie Beach so there is no need to compare operators! They have been operating since 1998 and have seen the best (and worst) of times in the Australian tourism industry.

Also, there previously was another hire business that provided 30-minute jet ski hire in a closed circuit loop for 30 minutes for $90, however, this business is no longer operating.

Whitsunday Jetski Tours Pricing

There are 3 different options you can choose from:

Airlie AdventureTwo Island SafariUltimate Island Trek
$220/per jetski$310/per jetski$380/per jetski
1.5 hours2 hours3 hours
4.2 stars4.7 stars5 stars

The cheapest option is $220 which allows you to join an Airlie Beach jet ski tour for 1.5 hours. You won’t require much fitness and can take a passenger if you desire.

As far as we can find, no one offers self-drive rentals. You can’t simply go riding without a tour guide, even if you do have an Australian or international PWC licence. Your best-bet would be to head up to Mackay if this is what you’re aiming for, especially as you can explore as much (or as little) as you wish.

What To Bring

What do you pack for jet ski riding? Well, we have written a jet ski packing guide here which will help you with packing, but they keep things so simple. Swimmers, a towel and sunscreen is all you generally need as they provide thermals, wetsuits, polarized sunglasses/goggles, hats and safety gear including jet ski life jackets.

How Fast You Can Go?

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks to hiring a jet ski is the latest speed restrictions. You can only do 30-knots in Queensland when you hire a PWC which is remarkably slow but is reasonable for beginners who haven’t ridden before. This is a good reason to get a jet ski licence and purchase your own PWC…which you’ll probably be wanting to do just moments after your tour is finished!

In Summary

Hiring a jet ski is definitely one of the best ways to experience the Whitsunday Islands. It’s one of the most beautiful locations in all of Australia and it isn’t all about laying on the beach and soaking up the sun.

Jet Ski Hire Auckland: 3 Places To Ride Under $100

Riding A Jet Ski Near Auckland Last Summer

Visiting Auckland or living there permanently and keen to brave the weather and explore on a jet ski? Then I’ve got you covered!

I have searched for the best jet ski rental stores in Auckland and have compared them based on their tour lengths, pricing and model of jet skis. And the best part? I have no business relationship with any of them, so this is as unbiased as they come!

Let’s begin.

Jet Ski Hire Auckland

While the summers are short and the winters are long, it doesn’t mean you can’t book yourself in for a tour. Sometimes winter can be the calmest time on the water!

Most jet ski rental companies will provide you with a wetsuit to borrow for the day and this is included in the price. All you need then is a smile and a willingness to explore.

So if you’re in Auckland, check out these places:

1. Auckland Jet Ski Hire

For the ultimate experience, it’s hard to look past Auckland Jet Ski Hire. They are well established and the business is owned by locals. They use the Sea-Doo GTI models which are a step above what most hire companies use which is a good reason why I’ve ranked them #1.

You can ride through summer, winter or both. They do tours right out to Waiheke Island which is only around 30 minutes from their base. You can also check out Rangitoto and Motuihe while you’re there to get the full experience. 4-hour jet ski rentals are the best value.

2. Auckland Jet Ski Rentals

For a slightly cheaper experience, Auckland Jet Ski Rental is currently offering hire-only for those who have a jet ski licence already. They’re based in Wai O Taiki Bay (the only company here) and offer some easy thrills for locals and travelers alike.

3. Hibiscus JetSki Hire

The last on this list is Hibiscus JetSki Hire which started in 2018 and allows locals and visitors alike to explore the beautiful Whangaparaoa Peninsula. They offer tours for those less confident and can even bring their jet skis directly to your accommodation. They also offer tow-away options for those with tow bars on their vehicles.

In Summary

You certainly don’t need a licence with any of the companies listed above. As long as you have a tour guide, then you’re allowed to ride, either by yourself or with a passenger. Jet Ski Hire Orewa is also recommended if you’re not exactly in the city area plus there is another based in Takapuna Beach where you can take one away for an entire week!

Now you have no real excuses but to get out there and explore these beautiful, clean and crisp waterways. 😃

6 Best Jet Ski Tubes That Last Beyond This Summer

Jet Ski Towing Tube

Being pulled behind a jet ski is a seriously fun experience that leaves you wanting more! And if you’ve got young kids, they’ll be thrilled this summer to be skirting around corners and getting some airtime with the waves.

Jet skis have more agility and as a result, are much more fun for those on the tubes. Just ensure you buy the right jet ski for tow sports since an underpowered jet ski will struggle in choppy conditions.

So without further ado, here are the best tubes for jet ski owners:

1. Airhead Super Mable

For those with a powerful jet ski, the Airhead Super Mable is my best recommendation. You can fit up to three children and the rear and side lower back support will stop your kids from accidentally falling off when turning corners. While it can fit up to 3 children, it’s only possible to have 2 adults on this one given the size and weight restrictions.

Q? Encoding=Utf8&Amp;Asin=B000Emvk5S&Amp;Format= Sl160 &Amp;Id=Asinimage&Amp;Marketplace=Us&Amp;Serviceversion=20070822&Amp;Ws=1&Amp;Tag=Jnt Jetskiadvice 20&Amp;Language=En UsIr?T=Jnt Jetskiadvice 20&Amp;Language=En Us&Amp;L=Li2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B000Emvk5S

2. World of Watersports Thriller Deck

I highly recommend this jet ski tube for those who have owned one prior and are looking to upgrade to a more robust product. The Thriller Deck is designed to be more aggressive while being towed and allows for greater speeds and some wave riding. At the same time, I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children as it tends to ‘skirt’ all over the place.

Q? Encoding=Utf8&Amp;Asin=B075Zv1G5R&Amp;Format= Sl160 &Amp;Id=Asinimage&Amp;Marketplace=Us&Amp;Serviceversion=20070822&Amp;Ws=1&Amp;Tag=Jnt Jetskiadvice 20&Amp;Language=En UsIr?T=Jnt Jetskiadvice 20&Amp;Language=En Us&Amp;L=Li2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B075Zv1G5R

3. Airhead G-Force Towable Tube

If you want 3 kids (or even adults!) to be laying down while being towed, then the Airhead G-Force towable tube is the best option. I’ve even seen 4 people on these at once! It’s a heck of a lot of fun with plenty of handles to hang on to. Note: If you want to order the 4-person model, it’s a bit more expensive.

Q? Encoding=Utf8&Amp;Asin=B000Fe9Cim&Amp;Format= Sl160 &Amp;Id=Asinimage&Amp;Marketplace=Us&Amp;Serviceversion=20070822&Amp;Ws=1&Amp;Tag=Jnt Jetskiadvice 20&Amp;Language=En UsIr?T=Jnt Jetskiadvice 20&Amp;Language=En Us&Amp;L=Li2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B000Fe9Cim

4. SportsStuff Stars & Stripes

Nothing says ‘Merica like a towing a tube behind a jet ski this 4th of July, and you know the best part? This is also the most affordable on this list. Its quality isn’t as high as the Airhead models on this list but that doesn’t stop the fun!

Q? Encoding=Utf8&Amp;Asin=B0798Z869J&Amp;Format= Sl160 &Amp;Id=Asinimage&Amp;Marketplace=Us&Amp;Serviceversion=20070822&Amp;Ws=1&Amp;Tag=Jnt Jetskiadvice 20&Amp;Language=En UsIr?T=Jnt Jetskiadvice 20&Amp;Language=En Us&Amp;L=Li2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=B0798Z869J

5. Airhead Super Slice

The Airhead Super Slice is highly regarded as the perfect all-around choice if you’re into tow sports. It packs up small while also allowing up to 4 riders to experience the thrills on the waterways. It’s quite basic and isn’t designed for speed or thrills, but rather being rigid and helping young riders ease their way into the experience.

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6. Airhead Rebel

I’ve actually left one of the best tubes until last! This is only designed for 1 person to ride at a time, but is considered to be one of the most puncture-proof tubes in existence. It has 4 handles and a 12-volt pump included. Keep in mind that it can be a little rough going.

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Many people have contacted Jet Ski Advice during the past few years seeking advice about towing jet ski tubes. Here are the most common questions received:

Do I need to wear a PFD while riding on a tube?

Yes. While a tube is a flotation device by nature, you’ll be 100 feet or further away once you fall off and the jet ski slows down to retrieve you. It’s a legal requirement in almost every state and jurisdiction to wear a life jacket when riding a tube.

Most towable tubes here are Airhead. Do they sponsor you?

No. While Airhead has definitely been featured most extensively on this list (4 out of 6 options), they coincidently manufacture the best towable tubes on the market for jet skis and ski boats. I would estimate that they ‘own’ 70% of the market and they have been in the industry for decades.

How old does a child need to be to ride a tube?

5 years old is the youngest that a child would be confident to ride a towable tube in calm conditions, but 7 years old is when you can provide them with some reasonable speed above 20-knots.

What is the biggest tube that a jet ski can tow?

You’ll be surprised by how much a supercharged jet ski can tow, easily around 300kgs or 1,000 pounds. Likewise, you’ll be surprised by how big of a tube one can handle:

Jet Ski Tubing
6 best jet ski tubes that last beyond this summer 31

That jet ski owner above has balls! I wouldn’t recommend non-supercharged jet skis tow a lot of passengers or opt for a larger tube. Always consult your owner’s manual otherwise you may void your warranty.

In Summary

There we have it! 6 epic towable tubes that work best with jet skis. Sure – there are dozens of others out there on the market, but these were handpicked as they can be towed more easily.

Now – don’t waste another day of summer. We’ll catch you out there on the waterways!

5 Cool Ways to Transport a Jet Ski Without A Trailer

Jet Ski Transport

Right – so you’ve got the jet ski, but you don’t have a trailer ’cause you live on the lake or river. Or perhaps you have a trailer but it’s out of action right now, yet you need to tow your jet ski?

And it seems like you’re really stuck, but that isn’t really the case. There are numerous ways to transport your jet ski without a trailer, and JetSkiAdvice will show you how!

1. Use a Long Van

A long van (20ft in length) can be used to transport most jet skis. I recommend using removalist blankets on the floor and walls to prevent damage and use several tie-down straps. To get it in and out of the van, you may wish to use a block and tackle system or purchase a portable boat winch.

2. Use A Tow Truck

I’ve seen several times in my local area tow trucks towing jet skis. They simply use their winch to drag the jet ski onto the bed of the truck, however, they use old tires to prevent damage to the hull. A tow truck can actually fit up to 4 jet skis without their trailers. It’s a little more tricky and more expensive than using a long van, but doable if you need to move more than one at a time.

3. Use A 5th Wheeler / Toy Hauler

If you’re the type that desires to see the entire country, then a toy hauler would be an excellent addition. You can fit the ‘garage’ compartment with rollers to make life significantly easier. Some of the longer performance-orientated jet skis will struggle to fit inside a toy hauler so it’s wise to check the interior dimensions before you make that huge purchase.

4. Use A Conventional Trailer

Did you know that it’s possible to use a conventional trailer such as 7×5 or 10×6 as a jet ski trailer? You can use removable rollers or old tires to provide some padding. A portable boat winch or even a 4×4 winch will help get it on and off the bed when you’re at the boat ramp. Just like all the other ideas on this list, it is recommended that you use more than one tie-down strap.

5. Use Your Truck Bed

For those with a stand-up jet ski or rec-lite ski such as the Sea-Doo Spark, you may be able to use your truck bed. It’s certainly NOT recommended as it makes for an interesting experience at the boat ramp, but it’s possible if you have a small crane. You’ll need to be mindful of your truck bed weight and physical capacity as well as rear-overhang regulations in your state and country.

In Summary

There we have it! Some really cool ways to move your jet ski from point A to point B without needing to buy a trailer. You might also be able to transport it by towing or using a barge though this can not only be more expensive, but risky too and may void your insurance.