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Do You Need Insurance on a Jet Ski?

I’m often asked by followers of Jet Ski Advice whether you need to take out an insurance policy. It’s a simple answer really: In some states, you are legally required to have a jet ski insurance policy. In other states, insurance is merely a recommendation. By having insurance, you can protect yourself from liabilities and

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Can You Ride a Jet Ski Wearing Just a Bikini?

People who are new to jet ski riding often ask me what they should be wearing and naturally, I give them some good advice. Surprisingly, so few actually ask what they shouldn’t be wearing. Bikinis and Jet Skis Women often come along as pillion passengers on jet skis, whether as a date idea or some

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Is It Worth Installing Mirrors on a Jet Ski?

Often people ask me if installing mirrors on a jet ski is actually worth the hassle? Well, my reply is generally along the lines of this: Jet ski mirrors are a good choice to have, however, they shouldn’t be relied upon on the waterways. Unlike car mirrors, a mirror on a PWC are much smaller

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7 Reasons NOT To Buy A Sea-Doo Spark

Ah yes, the Sea-Doo Spark…a jet ski that revolutionised the industry and brought affordability to those who otherwise couldn’t afford to spend $12k and above. But for the uninitiated, you might come to realize that, despite all slick marketing videos, the Sea-Doo Spark just isn’t worth it. For most people, at least. 🙃 After all,

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9 Best Jet Ski Cooler, Fishing And Storage Racks

One of the biggest challenges with owning a jet ski is where to store stuff such as your cooler, fishing rod and boards. That front storage locker is way too small for your toys! Fortunately, there are numerous people who have come up with some great solutions! Best Storage Racks For Jet Skis These are

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Best Aussie Jet Ski Dealers and Repair Shops

Ever wondered who can give you the best price on a new or used jet ski or have your existing jet ski repaired? We’ve got you covered! This isn’t a list of some back-alley Gumtree ‘businesses’ that claim to offer repairs to personal watercraft. Nope! We’re talking genuine repairs and top-notch service across Australia. We’ve

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7 Best Jet Ski Goggles & Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes

When you’re out there riding at anything more than 40-knots, I’d highly recommend sunglasses to keep the glare and salt at bay. All too often I see total beginners heading off to the boat ramp with no eye protection in place. It frustrates me as I know that they’ll be getting back earlier than most

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Jet Ski Snorkeling: How To Go PWC Swimming & Snorkelling

There are numerous ways in which you can enjoy the freedom of jet ski ownership, and one of those ways is through going snorkelling. It’s not too difficult and in this guide, I’ll show you how to get the most out of your day under the waterline and seeing a different world that few people

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Best Beginner’s Jet Ski: The Ultimate Buying Guide

It’s hard being a beginner to the world of jet skis. You go into a dealership and all the models look near-on identical. What’s the difference? Often I’m asked about my opinion regarding the best jet ski for first-timers. While there is no perfect beginner’s jet ski, I’ve got some great options. Dealerships have been

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4 Best Jet Skis for Fishing in 2021

I’ve seen a massive uptake in the popularity of fishing jet skis in the last 7 years. They have gone from relatively unknown to being quite mainstream. It’s little wonder too. Boats just cost too much money in my opinion and unlike a fishing boat, a jet ski can be used for multiple purposes such

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What Is The World’s Fastest Jet Ski That Money Can Buy?

Let’s imagine that the stars aligned in the universe and you’re showered with a large chunk of moolah that needs to be spent on an investment…like a quick PWC! They’re investments, right? Well, that’s a discussion for our accountants to figure out. It’s great spending the time to research and figure out what the rich

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4 Best Jet Skis for Ocean and Saltwater Riding in 2021

A lot of newer jet ski owners stick to riding in lakes and rivers, but they’re completely missing out on some serious fun. In some cases, they just don’t have the right jet ski. If you’re out there shopping for a new performance-orientated jet ski that can handle the punishment of the open ocean, then

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5 Best Jet Ski Choices for Rental Business Fleet

So you’re looking to start your very own rental business. That’s the dream of many individuals looking to combine their passion with their daily work. Now – your biggest expenditure is the purchase of your fleet. You might be looking to buy 4 to 10 jet skis in bulk from one of the main manufacturers.

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4 Best Areas to Ride Jet Skis Around Rhode Island

So you’re planning a trip to Rhode Island in the coming days or weeks and the thrill of riding a jet ski is on your mind. Fortunately for you, I’ve done the research! I’ve created this guide to help you figure out where the most popular areas are. Whether you’re going for a rental or

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5 Best Places to Ride Jet Skis in Connecticut

You naturally wouldn’t think of Connecticut as a place where you’d be able to ride jet skis if you’re out of state. As it turns out, there are several awesome places that the locals have known about for many years. The problem is that they haven’t been so willing to share this information out with

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6 Best Places to Ride a Jet Ski in Maryland

So you’ve either just bought a jet ski or you’re looking to hire one in Baltimore or Ocean City for a fun day out there on the water. Well…I have some great news for you! I’ve done the research as I too was curious where people are typically riding. After spending hours upon hours combining

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7 Best Places to Ride Jet Skis in Ohio

So you live in either Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron or Cincinnati and you’re looking for somewhere to go riding on your jet ski this weekend. I’ve done the research as I was curious about this too. I asked myself “Where are the best places to ride?” and after spending hours combing through articles and Facebook

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5 Best Places To Ride Jet Skis in the United Kingdom

Have you ever wondered whether there are any places worth riding a jet ski in the United Kingdom? There are hundreds of owners, but where do they ride and where can you hire one? I’ve created this guide to answer this very question. You’ll find that the best riding spots are in England as opposed

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Can I Hire a Jet Ski for a Week or Weekend?

While there are hundreds of jet ski rental businesses around the world, have you ever wondered if you can hire one for more than a few hours. Well, you’re in luck! You can hire a jet ski for between 2 days and 7 days by seeking out smaller, independent hire agencies. These are typically rental

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6 Best Places to Ride Jet Skis in Colorado

Colorado is blessed to have some of the best lakes for watersports in North America. Places where you can be exploring for days on end! But…it’s almost like insider knowledge. When I first get started into jet-ski riding, I really struggled to figure out where local owners were riding. That’s why I created this guide

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12 Reasons Why Your Jet Ski Won’t Start

It’s a scary thought when your jet ski won’t start and you’re worried about the expensive repair bill at the dealership, or the thought of being stranded. Through this guide, I’ll be helping you diagnose the core problems with jet

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