5 Cool Ways to Transport a Jet Ski Without A Trailer

Jet Ski Transport

Right – so you’ve got the jet ski, but you don’t have a trailer ’cause you live on the lake or river. Or perhaps you have a trailer but it’s out of action right now, yet you need to tow your jet ski?

And it seems like you’re really stuck, but that isn’t really the case. There are numerous ways to transport your jet ski without a trailer, and JetSkiAdvice will show you how!

1. Use a Long Van

A long van (20ft in length) can be used to transport most jet skis. I recommend using removalist blankets on the floor and walls to prevent damage and use several tie-down straps. To get it in and out of the van, you may wish to use a block and tackle system or purchase a portable boat winch.

2. Use A Tow Truck

I’ve seen several times in my local area tow trucks towing jet skis. They simply use their winch to drag the jet ski onto the bed of the truck, however, they use old tires to prevent damage to the hull. A tow truck can actually fit up to 4 jet skis without their trailers. It’s a little more tricky and more expensive than using a long van, but doable if you need to move more than one at a time.

3. Use A 5th Wheeler / Toy Hauler

If you’re the type that desires to see the entire country, then a toy hauler would be an excellent addition. You can fit the ‘garage’ compartment with rollers to make life significantly easier. Some of the longer performance-orientated jet skis will struggle to fit inside a toy hauler so it’s wise to check the interior dimensions before you make that huge purchase.

4. Use A Conventional Trailer

Did you know that it’s possible to use a conventional trailer such as 7×5 or 10×6 as a jet ski trailer? You can use removable rollers or old tires to provide some padding. A portable boat winch or even a 4×4 winch will help get it on and off the bed when you’re at the boat ramp. Just like all the other ideas on this list, it is recommended that you use more than one tie-down strap.

5. Use Your Truck Bed

For those with a stand-up jet ski or rec-lite ski such as the Sea-Doo Spark, you may be able to use your truck bed. It’s certainly NOT recommended as it makes for an interesting experience at the boat ramp, but it’s possible if you have a small crane. You’ll need to be mindful of your truck bed weight and physical capacity as well as rear-overhang regulations in your state and country.

In Summary

There we have it! Some really cool ways to move your jet ski from point A to point B without needing to buy a trailer. You might also be able to transport it by towing or using a barge though this can not only be more expensive, but risky too and may void your insurance.

Jet Ski Licence Requirements in Australia: State by State

Australia Jet Ski Licencsing

Welcome my fellow Australian! In this guide, I’m going to show you the jet ski licensing and riding conditions on a state-by-state (and territory) basis.

For those short on time and who need to know the facts upfront…

In most states of Australia, jet ski riders must be over the age of 16 to legally ride unsupervised. To ride solo, they will require a boat and PWC licence but are granted an exemption if they hire a jet ski from a registered operator under supervision. Children under the age of 16 may ride a jet ski with their licenced parents sitting behind, or if riding solo, it is ridden on private property.

Previously, the AAOK Lakes Resort on Lake Bennett (private property) in Darwin offered jet ski rental to children but this has ceased in recent years due to liability concerns. Northern Territory itself doesn’t provide marine licences nor a requirement to register a jet ski or boat for private use, so you can ride as young as you would like to.

This is a state-by-state breakdown for jet ski licence requirements in Australia, paying close attention to minimum age. Current information is effective as of November 2021.

New South Wales

According to Service NSW, you’ll be eligible for a PWC licence if you are at least 12 years of age and already hold a general boat licence. There is no separate on-water test for this, but you’ll need to pass the PWC licence knowledge test.


In Victoria, the rules are more conservative. You can get a marine licence if you are at least 12 years of age, however, you’ll need to be 16 to get a PWC endorsement. This is a test featuring 15 multiple-choice questions, with 13 needing to be correct to qualify for passing marks. You can find some practice tests here.


Queensland residents must be at least 16 years of age to apply for both a boat and jet ski licence. You’ll need to do a course with a practical component for both boating and jet ski riding, and then apply for your QLD jet ski licence within 6 months of receiving your statement of competency.

Western Australia

There is no formal jet ski licence in Western Australia, nor is there a marine licence. Instead, it’s called a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket and the course also covers jet ski usage briefly. Better yet, there are no ongoing fees to pay to the government! You’ll need to be at least 14 years of age to ride a jet ski on your own in Western Australia, but only to a maximum of 8 knots and during daylight hours. Once you turn 16, both restrictions immediately cease.

South Australia

South Australia has very stringent rules for jet ski use. For instance, you can’t use them before 8am any day (it’s 9am for Sundays) and certainly not past 8pm on any day. Riders need to be at least 16 years old and have a boat operator’s licence. There is no separate licence for jet skis in South Australia.


In Tasmania, you’ll need to have a boat licence then apply for a PWC endorsement after completing the PWWC Practical Course. Only two companies provide these – Surf Life Saving Tasmania and BoatBiz. In addition, you’ll need to be at least 12 years old to ride with a parent on the back, or 17 if you would like to ride solo.

Northern Territory

Appreciate complete freedom? The Northern Territory does NOT have any boat or jet ski licences or requirements for any age. A 7-year-old kid can take a jet ski out anytime he or she wants without an adult on the back. There is also no need to register any privately owned marine vessel.

Australian Capital Territory

We are currently awaiting feedback from the ACT Government as to minimum age requirements for jet ski use in their state. That said – you can’t use a jet ski on Lake Burley Griffin anyway, and given the land-locked nature of the ACT, we believe that most people would fall under NSW jurisdiction.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Jet Ski?

Jet Ski Rental Price

Have you seen those jet ski riders out there having the time of their life and wanted to join in on the action? Well, access to a PWC is significantly cheaper than outright buying one!

In most states, it costs between $90 and $350 to rent a jet ski. You’ll get to experience more if you pay more. A $90 hire is typically shorter, around 30-minutes, while paying $300 will get 2 to 3 hours of riding time on an organized tour where you can open the throttle up to 40-knots.

There are also restrictions on their use, but on the flip side, opportunities to decrease that price further than advertised. In this guide, we’ll look at ways you can get out there riding, even if you’re on a very tight budget.

Jet Ski Rental Prices

The price you pay is based on supply and demand as well as local area conditions. For instance, it’s typically much cheaper to hire a jet ski in Thailand than in most other countries, but you’ll have to watch out for the Thailand Jet Ski Scam!

In the United States and Australia, $90 is the bare minimum that you’ll pay. This is generally just a small circuit where you go around in circles and don’t really get to experience much fun.

My recommendation is to book a proper tour which is at least $200. Sometimes you’ll find discounts on the popular deal websites instead of booking directly or even score some discounts from the tours desk of popular hotel chains.

Why pay up? Because you’ll get to experience so much more. Often the induction time for jet ski tours is at least 20 minutes so you’ll spend almost as long listening to a lecture as you do riding! Plus you get to go so much further, potentially knocking over some waves in the ocean too!

What You Get

When you hire a jet ski, not only are you given a brief introduction on how to ride it, but a life jacket and sometimes a dry bag to put your gear.

Most commonly, the 2021 Yamaha VX or Sea-Doo GTI will be your ride for the day. These are a step up from the entry-level series and provide good control without the arm-pulling power of a supercharged engine. There is no need to restrict these engines and you’ll be able to achieve up to 40 miles or 60 kilometres per hour if you are riding solo.

In addition, you can often take a pillion passengers with you. Keep in mind that this will slow your jet ski down considerably and you’ll feel some pressure in your midsection while your passenger holds on! The jet ski tour organizer will ask you to ride at the back of the group since you’ll be slower.

How To Save Money

The best way to save money on a jet ski rental is by looking for package deals. Often if you combine jet ski rental with sky diving and para-sailing, then you’ll save 10% or more on the combined value than if you were to choose ala carte.

Some jet ski rental businesses also give discounts if you’re over the age of 25 and if you have a jet ski licence already. You might have to show your insurance documentation and proof of vaccination before you go riding, depending on your location and rules in force at the time.

In Conclusion

While it’s often far cheaper to buy a jet ski outright than rent one over the long term, it does remain a fantastic way to get into the hobby to see whether it’s worth you buying a brand new toy. And of course, that experience is best had when you hire for at least an hour, if not two, so you can really get out there and explore on your local waterways!

Noosa Jet Ski Hire: $90 And You Can Ride Today!

Noosa Jet Ski Hire

So you’re keen to head up to Noosa this weekend and hire a jet ski? Well, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve researched some of the best options in town with the best hire businesses around.

Let’s begin.

Cheapest Jet Ski Hire in Noosa

Here are the best options if you’re seeking to hire a jet ski today

Local BusinessRide LengthCost
Jetski Hire Noosa30 Mins$90
Noosa River Jet Ski Hire30 Mins$90
Noosa Jet Ski Hire30 Mins$90
Noosa Watersports30 Mins$90

Note: This is all for the river circuit only and does not include an ocean tour. If you are seeking an ocean tour, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300 for up to 2 hours of riding.

Personal Watercraft In Noosa
Noosa jet ski hire: $90 and you can ride today! 7

Frequently Asked Questions

I figured as a local, it would be a great idea to answer some regular questions.

1. Is Noosa a great place to ride jet skis?

Yes and no. The Noosa River isn’t really catered for high-speed jet ski riding and jet skis CANNOT go west of the Noosa Waters Inlet (by the yacht club) and you can only travel at 6-knots when you’re within 30 metres of other vessels. Tewantin is really out-of-bounds.

There is a Commercial PWC Area that you can access and ride on, though it’s a short loop and gets boring after 30 mins. For the best experience, you have to head out into the ocean which may be troublesome on a wet and windy day.

If you want a calm river system where you can ride for longer, I’d recommend the Maroochy River instead.

2. Will I Need A Licence?

No. Most people who hire a jet ski don’t have a licence and you’ll still be covered for insurance purposes. You need to be at least 16 to ride solo, though kids 12 years and old can ride as a pillion passenger.

3. Can I Ride On My Own?

You may only ride solo on the defined Commercial PWC Area. All tours require you to have a tour leader and yes, this is even if you have a jet ski licence. If you’re seeking to instead ride at your own leisure in the opean ocean, I’d recommend Breakwater Jet Ski Hire down in Brisbane. Only drawback is that you’ll have to tow the jet ski up on the Bruce Highway.

4. Is a 30-Min Ride Worth It?

Not really. While it’s good to get some quick fun on the water, the ride will be over before you know it. I’d instead recommend you go for 60-minutes or longer ride which will cost around the $150 mark which includes fuel, life jacket and induction.

5. What type of Jet Skis can I hire?

I previously wrote two guides on this subject:

  1. Best PWCs for rental businesses
  2. How to Start a Rental Business

What I’ve learned is that you’ll typically get a recreational jet ski which isn’t supercharged. It’s more than ideal for beginners but often not the best jet ski I’d recommend to buy afterwards as you’ll be wishing you had a little more power.

Can You Ride a Jet Ski Wearing Just a Bikini?

Bikini On Jet Ski

People who are new to jet ski riding often ask me what they should be wearing and naturally, I give them some good advice. Surprisingly, so few actually ask what they shouldn’t be wearing.

Bikinis and Jet Skis

Women often come along as pillion passengers on jet skis, whether as a date idea or some fun with friends. Some choose to take the controls which is seriously fun. If this is your first time, then heed this warning:

It’s dangerous to ride a jet ski wearing just a bikini. While it looks atheistic in brochures, marketing materials and on Instagram reels, it isn’t realistic or safe to wear such little protection. At high speeds, you can severely damage your skin if you were to crash or simply fall off.

Bikini On Jet Ski
Can you ride a jet ski wearing just a bikini? 11

Let’s not forget that wearing so little puts you at risk of skin cancer, especially in Australia where I live. Essentially, you’d be crazy to go almost naked on a jet ski at high speeds.

What You Should Wear

Well then, what should women wear while riding along as a passenger on a jet ski?

In an ideal world, I’d recommend a full-size wetsuit but this may not be practical where you live. For instance, it may be too hot or you may not have access to one. Likewise, they can cost upwards of $300 and probably not something you’ll be wearing often.

Aim to wear a rashie at a minimum to cover your chest area. You’ll find these at most sports stores for under $50. This O’Neill rashie on Amazon will give some basic protection for women riding jet skis.

You can also dig up an old pair of yoga pants to protect your legs. You’ll need to wear underwear with these in case they split. This can happen as the material can become quite wet and salt water and sand can make the material brittle.

You might also want to wear a helmet and jet ski shoes too to make your day our riding so much better. These not only offer UV protection but take away any potential ‘sting’ if you crash.

What Could Happen

Falling off at high speeds means that you’ll get a nasty sting as you make contact with the water. Sure – your life jacket will give some protection to your chest and back area, but your legs, arms and hands will be exposed. Trust me – it’s gonna hurt!

That said, if you’re traveling at under 20 knots, then it’s reasonable to wear just a bikini. Even for just some Insta-glam shots. You’re unlikely to fall off unless it’s really choppy and any contact with the water will be mild.

Under 40-knots and you can get away with normal beach attire on a jet ski such as shorts, t-shirt or rashie. Not preferred but if you rarely go out riding, it’s a good start at least.

The jet ski hire businesses near me are often happy to take people on tours wearing normal beach clothing. They always stick to under 40 knots and rarely have an issue, provided the waterways are calm.

In Summary

It doesn’t cost a fortune to give yourself some protection out there on the water. Shorts and a T-shirt aren’t quite adequate and might irritate your skin. For novice riders/owners, a normal rashie is reasonable while a full-size wetsuit is preferred once you start going beyond 40-knots.