7 Best GoPro Jet Ski Mounts For Capturing The Best Films

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If the sun’s out, then it’s time to grab the GoPro and jump on the jet ski for an epic day out there on the water.

But there’s just one problem…how do you mount it? And where do you mount it? And most importantly….how do you know it aint going to fall off when you’re blasting along in heavy chop?

A conundrum that’s been puzzling PWC owners for years now. Fortunately, I’ve done the research to find you some reliable solutions.

These are the best jet ski mounts for a GoPro:

1. GoPro Handlebar Mount For Jet Ski

Depending on the make/model of your jet ski, you may be able to mount your GoPro right there on your handlebar. It’s really down to your handlebar type and typically it’s the rec-lite or performance jet skis which allow you to mount straight onto the handlebars.

2. GoPro Suction Cup Mount

To save the plastics on your jet ski for a better resale value, you’ll want to go with a suction cup mount. Some of the cheaper ones on Amazon are just flimsy and fall off easily, but the proper mounts from GoPro are awesome. That is – if you mount them on a flat part on the front of your jet ski.

3. Floating Suction GoPro Mount

Now I’ve had a few GoPro mounts over the years and my biggest fear was having the mount fall off into the water. That’s why I never leave the boat ramp without a floating GoPro mount. In fact, I’ve got 2 of these with the other in the front storage locker for my car keys.

4. RAM Mount For Jet Skis

On days when I don’t feel like riding my jet ski, I opt for the canoe or head out on the boat. And this is where I always have a RAM mount fitted for my GoPro and my cell phone.

These are made in America and are just brilliant as a product. If you don’t like the cheap Chinese stuff like myself, then you’ll feel more confident with one of these mounts on your jet ski…though they are quite pricey too. And yes, you’ll need to drill some holes so don’t drill this into a PWC that you’re planning to sell your machine anytime soon.

5. GoPro Flexible Clamp

This is my least favourite on this list. The flexibility of this GoPro mount means that there is too much bounce or flex when you’re riding at high speeds.

On the upside, you can clip this to the front of your PWC where the front locker is. I’ve known of guys who have removed the front lid so they can get a firm clip inside.

6. Headstrap Camera Mount

Again, another way to avoid drilling a GoPro mount onto your jet ski handlebar is to use a head strap. You’ll get the highest possible view where you can film the front of your jet ski hull. Better yet – your viewers will be able to see side by side as you look…while coincidently providing you with some creative sun protection!

What I love about this option is that you can use this for far more than just jet ski riding. If you’re into tow sports, then a head strap mount is perfect. The chest mount below would get in the way due to the tow rope often being held at chest height.

7. GoPro Chest Harness

I’ve left the best until last. One of the biggest problems with mounting your GoPro on the front of your jet ski is the constant bouncing of the hull on a choppy day. Even a calm day can see the video footage being too ‘bumpty’ to ever make it to YouTube standards.

If you mount your GoPro to your chest, you’ll find the video footage to be more stabilised. This is because your body is absorbing a lot of the shocks when you’re blasting across the water at more than 40 knots. I find this a better option personally than a head strap mount as there is less lean-over in the corners.

The best part? They can see the speedometer and handlebar controls. I find that the YouTube audience enjoys that view as much as the scenery as you’re riding along.

Getting Started

There you go! That’s 7 secure GoPro mounts to capture those epic moments out there on the waterways. From there, spend some quality time editing and get that footage up on YouTube! We’d love to feature it right here on Jet Ski Advice and get you some extra views.

Joshua Smith - Editor

Joshua Smith

I became obsessed with the marine industry when I was just 7-years old. Today I’m thrilled to share my knowledge online. When I’m not out there riding, I’m engaging with industry trends and eagerly helping people get more time-freedom online so they can spend more time out there riding their jet skis around.