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5 Best Jet Ski Riding Gloves For Fast Riders (2021 Update)

If you’re a passionate jet ski rider, then you’ll want to invest into some decent jet ski riding gloves. Here are the best 5 for 2021.

Often people who ride for the first few times don’t think about gloves. It’s only after getting blisters, sunburn or even slip off their grips do they think about purchasing PWC gloves.

But at least they’re now away, so now it’s time to find a good pair.

Let’s have a look at what is available.

Jet Ski Gloves – My Best Picks for 2021

Most types of riding gloves are suitable for the most part when riding jet skis. Luckily, unlike jet ski helmets which are well under-served, manufacturers have come out with some great jet ski gloves.





Most Popular



Best Quality


I mean…we’re really spoiled for choice here. So much so that you can leave ordinary cycling or gym gloves at home.

If you didn’t like the 3 options I presented, here are some additional personal choices are the following jet ski riding gloves:

  1. Jetpilot RX Superlite Jet ski gloves (2021)
  2. Jetpilot Matrix Heatseeker Gloves (Men’s)
  3. Neosport 3/4 finger Neoprene gloves
  4. Jetpilot race jet ski gloves
  5. Navis marine sailing gloves

It doesn’t surprise me that Jetpilot holds 3 out of the 5 titles on this leaderboard. They simply want to deliver the best for the personal watercraft community.

RX Superlite

I like these gloves. They’re thin and quite affordable too. Ideal for summer riding!

One thing you’ll find is that they don’t hold your fingers back. You can reach your IBR brakes without stretching too much. So if freedom of movement is your thing, but also protection of your hands from blisters, the RX Superlite’s from Jetpilot offer great value.

Jetpilot Matrix Heatseeker

If you’re riding in colder conditions, then jet ski gloves are almost mandatory. Otherwise, you just won’t have that much fun out there with frozen hands.

Jet Ski Gloves for Personal Watercraft (PWC)

These have a thick neoprene design that is popular with those who enter marine environments in the colder months. On the back of the hand is hard protection to also stop the wind chill.

Neosport 3/4 finger Neoprene gloves

For sheer affordability, you have to get a pair of the Neosport 3/4 finger gloves. These are quite basic but you get what you pay for.

One of the best things about these gloves is that you can comfortably use them for sailing and snorkelling. Since they are very affordable, get yourself a 2nd pair and you’ll still pay less than the Jetpilot offerings!

Jetpilot race jet ski gloves

Right, so you like to ride fast? You’re definitely going to need a pair of high quality jet ski gloves. No one can provide such quality as Jetpilot.

I love the designs on these. You can choose your color and these have all been updated for 2020.

Navis marine sailing gloves

I couldn’t let Jetpilot have another award on this list. Navis has a great sailing glove that doubles as a reasonably great personal watercraft glove.

If you’re into other water sports such as boating, then this pair is great as you only need to buy one pair. Certainly there is a reason why these are at the bottom of this list.

Why you should wear jet ski gloves

It’s very practical to just buy a good set of gloves, but we need to think a little deeper first. I want to share why I believe they are very useful.

  1. Allows you to get a grip. Slipping on the throttle especially when jumping waves becomes a thing of the past.
  2. Provides protection when anchoring. Both the chain and anchor can be rusty or simply abrasive, so wearing gloves can help reduce the risk of a cut.
  3. Provides a wind barrier. When you’re riding in cold conditions, nothing is worse than frozen hands. Even the thin Neosport version is great to at least stop a bit of the wind chill.
  4. Excellent barrier to sunburned skin. Wearing sunscreen on your hands is terrible because it leads to throttle slippage.
  5. Provides more confidence when riding, because you just feel more secure. With bare hands, you actually feel a sense of nakedness when riding.

As you can see, many upsides for such a minimal capital outlay. Buying a pair of jet ski gloves was the best decision I personally made!

Deciding to buy PWC gloves

Now that we have the reasons out of the way, let’s look at what you should look for when buying jet ski gloves:

  1. High quality. You really want to assess that the materials used are premium-spec.
  2. The right gloves for your riding conditions. There is little value in choosing winter gloves when you ride in Florida all year long. You’ll just end up with hot hands all day which lead to fatigue.
  3. Well known brand in the marine market with strong reviews. Check on Amazon to see the feedback from other riders.
  4. Is designed for wet environments. Some marine gloves are mostly for boating where you really won’t get that wet.
  5. Finger movements. You shouldn’t have much of a restriction in the movements of your fingers when reaching for the throttle, brakes and reverse functions.
  6. Pricing should be considered last. After all, even the most expensive gloves are less than $70 which is merely a tank of gas, but these gloves will last for several years.

Some people like to order online whilst others go into dealerships.

Knowing your hand size first before ordering online is a very good idea. You can ask other riders at the boat ramp if you can try their gloves on first before ordering, so you can assess sizing.

In summary

I would highly recommend gloves to stop blisters when riding a jet ski. Don’t let your fun day be spoiled by those nasty burns and blisters.

For less than $50 you can pick up the Jetpilot gloves which are well known as being very comfortable and long-lasting. This is a key reason why they feature as 3 out of these top 5.

It’s not just riding but also loading/unloading your jet ski at the boat ramp. Getting your fingers jammed in your trailer winch is a fear that we all have.

I look forward to seeing you out on the waterways!

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