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5 Best Places to Ride Jet Skis in Connecticut

You naturally wouldn’t think of Connecticut as a place where you’d be able to ride jet skis if you’re out of state.

As it turns out, there are several awesome places that the locals have known about for many years. The problem is that they haven’t been so willing to share this information out with anyone else.

When I got started in the world of PWC ownership, I didn’t know where to go riding. Years later when I started this website, I decided that it would be best to compile the best places to go riding and here we are today.

This is where jet skis in Connecticut are typically ridden:

1. Candlewood Lake

One of the most epic places to ride jet skis in Candlewood Lake. It’s man-made and is the largest body of freshwater in Connecticut and perfect for getting loose out there on the throttle! Whether you’re just renting or you own a PWC, you’ll more than love this place!

If you’re looking to take the family along then they’ll love the scenery and the walking trails as well as camping and fishing opportunities. Don’t forget to bring the tubes along as well for a fun day out there on the water. Really – this spot has it all for the total watersports enthusiast.

2. Long Island Sound

Long Island Sound is another epic place to let the throttle open. While it has more swell than most inland lakes, don’t let that discourage you because otherwise, you’ll miss out on some of the best possible experiences in the state! You really can cover a lot of distances here so I’d recommend taking an extra gas can and GPS to check where you are since cell signal can be a little weak.

3. Lower Housatonic River

You’ll find the Lower Housatonic River right near the bottom of the Derby Dam. While it isn’t the biggest place to explore, there are still islands you can circle around as well as a restaurant for when you need a break. If you get a little bored, you can head right out into Long Island Sound quite easily.

4. Coventry Lake

Coventry Lake wouldn’t be my #1 choice when it comes to places to ride, but still worth checking out if you’ve done everything else already. There are no wash/no wake rules as well as speed limits to reduce noise. That said – the scenery here more than makes up for the restrictions and you’ll probably want to move out here when you see how beautiful and quiet the area is after dark.

5. Gardiners Bay

If you cross into New York State, then you’ll come across Gardiners Bay. You’ll need to go into Long Island Sound to get here and there is so much in which to explore including Gardiners Island and even out to New Shoreham.

Getting Started

There we have it! 5 of the top spots where you could experience the sound of your supercharged jet ski today! Some of these places can get real busy on weekends and national holidays so plan in advance.

I’ll see you out there!

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