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4 Best Areas to Ride Jet Skis Around Rhode Island

So you’re planning a trip to Rhode Island in the coming days or weeks and the thrill of riding a jet ski is on your mind.

Fortunately for you, I’ve done the research! I’ve created this guide to help you figure out where the most popular areas are. Whether you’re going for a rental or you own your own jet ski, this page will help you have a more enjoyable day out there on the waterways.

The most popular Rhode Island jet ski spots are:

1. Newport Harbor

Newport really gets my tick of approval for a place to experience on your own jet ski. If you’re not quite there yet, then don’t despair as there are numerous rental shops here which can offer you a jet ski for a very reasonable price. For the more adventurous folk, head on an organised tour where you’ll get to see sides of Rhode Island that some people will never get to experience.

2. Misquamicut Beach

Another top spot is Misquamicut Beach which is just epic. The cove inlets is a hit with families as well as thrill-seekers abound. If I wanted to tow tubes then this is where I’d be aiming to do it! Although this isn’t possible if you’re just hiring one for a few hours, which makes all the more reason to consider buying a jet ski yourself.

3. Narrangasett Bay

This is another recommended area and best for beginners. It’s the type of place that makes a great base for which to explore just about the entire area. In Google Maps, type in Conanicut Marine and you’ll find several boat ramps closeby but they can get busy on weekends in the warmer months.

4. Brewer Grenwich Bay

The last on our list is Warwick. If you head to the Brewer Greenwich Bay Marina then you’ll be able to launch your jet ski on their well-maintained boat ramp or choose a rental. Another top spot this one to base yourself for one incredible adventure. Insider secret: The food here is one of the best-kept secrets in the entire state.

Getting Started

Now at a stretch, you can actuall y ride from Providence all the way to Long Island and return with a jet ski. It isn’t for the faint-hearted and it’s best that you have a few months of experience on the handlebars. You might want to take some extra fuel as well!

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