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8 Safe Places to Store a Jet Ski (To avoid theft when you’re sleeping)

So you’re either looking to buy or have already bought a jet ski, but you need to store it somewhere. I’ll show you how to keep it away from those nasty thieves.

Keeping your jet ski safe is important because personal watercraft is one of the most highly stolen items around. Let’s look 8 ways/places to store them.

Storing a jet ski safely

It isn’t too hard to find a good place to keep your PWC safe, nor is it hard to follow some of the advice here.

After all, you love taking your jet ski out on weekends and any other chance you can get. You don’t want to wake up one day and discover that your pride and joy has been taken by a less than desirable individual.

1. Lock it in the garage

The best place to safely store your jet ski is at your home in the garage. This is by far the safest for the following reasons:

  1. You can box it in with your car in front of it.
  2. You’ll know where it is at all times.
  3. Thieves are less likely to break in if you’re home.
  4. It will just make you sleep better at night time.

Of course you’ll need a good locking mechanism. I’ve written an entire guide on jet ski locks actually that will surely help you get something up to the job.

2. Store it off the trailer

Another thing you might wish to try is storing your jet ski off the trailer. This is because it will take more time for someone to get your ski back on to the trailer and make a quick get away.

Store a jet ski

People who want to steal your jet ski are opportunity seekers. They want something fast and easy but storing your jet ski on a homemade jet ski trolley is going to slow them down, so they will move on to their next victim.

3. Store it nose-first

This relates well to slow down a thief. Many jet ski users simply back their jet ski into the garage and they’re done. What I actually recommend is spinning your jet ski around 180 degrees.

This means that it will take an extra 20 seconds for someone to spin your ski around. That’s bonus time that they could startle a sleeping dog to their presence. Some people also install a bird bell on the front drawbar which is hard to see.

4. Use a friends house

If you don’t have a good spot at home to store your jet ski, then consider a friend’s garage. They might have the perfect spot which could be even closer to the local boat ramp.

I would make sure that your friend is able to provide a superior level of security. This could be in the form of a great K9 guard dog, better lighting or a security fence that stops people getting on to their property.

5. Self-storage place

While not my 1st choice, a self-storage place already has excellent security. In fact, their business depends on having zero break-ins, so they have 24/7 monitoring security and often someone who lives there full-time to oversee everything.

The main downside here is the cleaning. They generally won’t let you wash your jet ski off after a hard day of riding, so you’ll need to stop at a gas station on the way home that has self-service facilities.

6. Boat yard or Marina

A great option is a boat yard or often called a marina, depending on which country you reside. Some of these will store your jet ski on a pontoon so that you can totally avoid the need and expense to have a jet ski trailer. Neat! No more towing on the highways.

Jet Ski Pontoon and Marina Storage

These also have wash down facilities. The main downside is that most of these boat yards don’t actually serve the personal watercraft market, so you’re less likely to find a floating pontoon that you can lease. Also, your jet ski can be seen more easily, unlike a storage shed where they can’t see what’s inside.

7. Take it to work

Do you own your own business with a warehouse or shed? You could take it to work. Likewise, just use your staff parking area at an office if you can.

Some bosses might even let you take your jet ski and store it at work if you’re performing well. Be warned! They might want to go for a ride one day with you, as that beast is teasing them.

8. Additional tips

Now storing your jet ski safely is taken care of, what else can you do to enhance the security of your jet ski?

You can:

  1. Get an alarm system hooked up
  2. Install a jet ski tracking device
  3. Get a hitch lock and tyre lock (not just one, but both!)
  4. Make sure you have a good insurance policy
  5. Engrave the inside of your jet ski
  6. Use DataDot protection or another competitor
  7. Keep your registration details in a safe place away from your PWC
  8. Put on a graphics kit to make your PWC unique for others to spot

And of course, it goes without saying…keep the keys with you at all times! When someone goes into a dealership asking for a new set of keys, that instantly raises suspicions. Some people forget and still leave their learner key in the front storage compartment. Bad idea!


You really need to be proactive when securing your jet ski. There are numerous ways to store it safely, and it shouldn’t just be a case of parking it casually in the garage.

People often leave their guard down when at home. You might go to the shops for 20 minutes only to return home to a missing jet ski, with much heart-break too.

Keep that guard up and you’ll continue to have many more fun days out there on the water!

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