Jet Ski Oils: The 5 Best Oil Brands to Guard Your PWC

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Looking after your personal watercraft is a fine idea with the right jet ski oil. It’s going to lead to greater reliability, longevity and better resale value.

I’ll show you the 5 best jet ski oil brands that can help to look after the engine in your personal watercraft. Month after month, year after year.

It’s really vital for the entire lifespan of your machine that you maintain it. While servicing is important, so is the fluids that you use to keep it in pristine condition.

Best Jet ski Oils

Unlike a car, jet skis really just need engine oil to perform well. You won’t really need to worry about transmission oil or power steering fluid, as it’s pretty easy to turn a jet ski.

There are still a few 2-stroke jet skis on the market that will need a mixing ratio. Apart from that, the 4-stroke offerings today just require regular checking and top ups.

Now, your PWC does go through some pretty harsh environments. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure whichever oil you choose is up to the job.

1. Yamaha Jet Ski Oil

As a clear winner, Yamaha does have their own branded oil for their loyal customers who buy their watercraft. I really do like what is offered here.

You can buy Yamaha Jet Ski Oil in various sizes. If you use your machine often or you have two models in the garage, then I recommend the higher volumes.

2. Sea-Doo Jet Ski Oil

Likewise, SeaDoo also offers branded oil for their machines. Its composition is very similar to what Yamaha make and there are reports of riders using each interchangeably (though I don’t recommend it).

This stuff is a bit more expensive but when you consider the cost of an engine rebuild (several thousand dollars) it’s worth it to sleep better at nighttime.

3. Kawasaki 2-Stroke Oil

Did you know that Kawasaki still runs 2-stroke engines? Obviously they need a different type of oil which most people aren’t aware of.

It’s significantly safer to just run with Kawasaki’s own oil if you own one of their beautiful PWCs. While it’s also a bit pricey, I believe it’s a warranty issue that you need to be mindful of.

4. Motul Power Jet Ski Oil

Some people want to shy away from leading jet ski manufacturers such as Yamaha and Sea-Doo. My #1 recommendation is Motul who has served the marine and motorcycle world for years.

They have a brand called ‘Power Jet’ exclusively for jet skis available in a range of formulations. It’s generally a bit cheaper.

5. Maxima Marine Oil

Maxima is another brand that I’m happy to recommend. The bottles are easier to knock over which is a bit frustrating if you leave the cap off.

Often cheaper than the offerings from Motul, Maxima is a no-fuss oil that other jet ski enthusiasts rave about. Personally I do like them, but Motul is better.

Using an oil change kit

If you decide to do your own jet ski oil changes, then you should invest in a kit. These come with an oil extraction pump to make it significantly easier for you.

Some additional things you’ll need to do:

  • Check online to see what your oil tank capacity is
  • Get some rags as this is often a very messy process
  • Consult YouTube as there are several great tutorials

I also like to see what the condition of my old oil is like. Observe the smell, density and general appearance and compare it to your new oil. Also, I recommend that you look closely for any small particles as this could be a sign of a potentially large problem happening in your engine block.

Frequently asked questions

I get a lot of questions here on JetSkiAdvice. After all, it’s an encyclopedia for people to help them with their decision-making.

Which type of jet ski oil is best?

The best type is always the one manufactured by the same company who made your jet ski. If you have a Sea-Doo, then get SeaDoo-made oil. It’s always a safe bet.

How much do I fill?

Just like a car, you should only fill your jet ski oil reservoir to the maximum dipstick level. Also, don’t ever let it get down to the minimum. I like to check my levels before and after each ride, especially as the level can drop while I’m storing my PWC over winter.

What is the best place to buy jet ski oil?

Your local dealership is always the best place to start. You can buy the oil today without waiting for a courier, plus you’ll be able to trust their advice. They also might recommend some additional accessories for your jet ski that you might not have thought of previously.

Can I store jet ski oil in the front compartment?

Sure, you can! But you won’t want to. That is a premium storage space that is best for a water bottle and towel. It’s unlikely that you’ll lose much if any oil when riding.

If you’re concerned, then you should get your jet ski engine inspected by a mechanic for potential leaks, instead of riding with oil in the front storage compartment, as this could lead to a fire.


There are some great offerings for premium jet ski oil from leading manufacturers. Most people only use a bottle or two of oil per 100 hours, so it’s not necessarily going to cost you much.

For this reason, I would always recommend using the branded oil created by the manufacturer of your jet ski. When you’re outlaying thousands for your personal watercraft, you won’t want your engine to foul when you’re 5 miles offshore.

Invest in some good jet ski engine oil and focus on just having some fun out there on the waterways!

Joshua Smith - Editor

Joshua Smith

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