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9 Best Jet Ski Cooler, Fishing And Storage Racks

One of the biggest challenges with owning a jet ski is where to store stuff such as your cooler, fishing rod and boards. That front storage locker is way too small for your toys!

Fortunately, there are numerous people who have come up with some great solutions!

Best Storage Racks For Jet Skis

These are aftermarket accessories that you mount on to your jet ski, either on the side, rear or, in the case of fishing rod mounts, even on the front.

So in this guide, I want to give you some inspiration to improve the carrying capabilities of your jet ski so you can do more out there on the waterways.

On this list I’ve included:

  • Racks for holding wakeboards, tubes and surfboards
  • Racks and coolers which fit on the rear swimming platform
  • Racks for fishing rods (rocket launchers, as we call them in Australia)
  • Even racks for mounting a speargun on a jet ski

Best of all – these products ship internationally, so whether you live in Australia, the United States, Europe or New Zealand, you’ll be able to trick up your PWC in no time.

Let’s begin.

1. Jet Tech Universal Board Racks

The boys here in Australia have created what I believe is the perfect rack system for tow sports. They certainly don’t come cheap, but the kit allows you to hold wakeboards, surfboards and more with ease. Instead of mounting on the rear swimming platform, they’re right out of the way with plenty of leg space!

2. Extreme Max Aluminum Jet Ski PWC Fishing Rod Rack and Cooler Combo

For the guys who like to go jet ski fishing, buying a rack system that holds your cooler, rods and extra fuel cans is a great way to go. Fortunately, Extreme Max has made their model reasonably affordable while being able to pair with RotoPax’s own fuel systems. This is a real case of bringing your own Esky/Cooler but they provide accurate internal dimensions of 29.5 x 20.5 x 13 inches. Personally, I’d go with an esky slightly smaller and you can always fill the gap with a beach towel or spare life jacket.

3. GTW Universal Hitch Mount Cooler & Rod Holder Rack

If you want something a little cheaper then this carrier designed for golf cars fits equally well on to a jet ski swim platform. It’ll carry a slightly smaller cooler allowing space to still move around easily on the rear of your jet ski. The 5 fishing rod holders are a slight overkill but the price is very reasonable on this one!

4. Jet Tech Speergun Rack for Jet Skis

Yes, Jet Tech makes this list again as they really have thought of everything with their innovative product range. Some real Australian innovation at play here! If you’re someone that wants to head out fishing with your jet ski but with a spear gun, then you’ll certainly want to mount it professionally. This is where these guys come in handy!

5. Sea-Doo LinQ Rack Fastener Quick Release Accessory Latch Kit

Sometimes the most complex things are not only super easy, but they’re quite cheap too. That’s why the LInQ system from Sea-Doo was born. It’s a basic mounting bracket that allows you to mount things to your jet ski without drilling holes and damaging the top deck of your hull.

6. Jet Tech Rod Holder

Yet again Jet Tech makes the list here with their fishing rod holders designed exclusively for personal watercraft. No drilling into your precious hull and destroying your resale value. Having looked on Amazon USA, I couldn’t find anything recently that solved my problem but luckily I stumbled across Jet Tech which really does solve a problem in the market for fishermen. This device literally just clamps on and you’re in business!

7. Sea-Doo New OEM Wake Board Rack

Sea-Doo has their own wakeboard rack system which works reasonably well, unless you own a Yamaha or Kawasaki, of course. Still, their patented design fits almost their entire line up for those who want to do tow sports and not have to carry the board with them or strap it to the rear swim platform.

8. TC-Home Wakeboard Combo Wake Tower Rack

Right – this wakeboard mount is designed primarily for boats yet I’ve come across several jet ski owners sporting this on my local waterways here in Queensland. It’s pure 6061 aluminium meaning it won’t rush as easily while the brace can be mounted to the Jet Tech rod holder shown above.

9. Sea-Doo New OEM Tow Pro Ski Pylon Spotter and Wake Board Rack

While certainly not that popular, it’s worth checking out this wakeboard rack which doubles as a ski pylon. One of the biggest challenges that I’ve experienced with tow sports is keeping the rope away from the impeller, which is why something like this is high on my recommendation list.

In Summary

There we have it! Some really awesome mounting options to keep your boards, coolers and the rest of your gear safe and sound. This way you can focus on the horizon with the throttle pinned hard! Have I missed anything which I should have included? If so – reach out! I always enjoy seeing new products reaching the market.

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