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5 Best Places in Brisbane to Ride a Jet Ski Today

Yo! So you’re searching to find some places near Brisbane in which you can take your jet ski this weekend.

Luckily, I’ve got you covered!

See, I’m someone who’s spent a fair share of his time exploring the Brisbane and surrounding region and its many waterways so in this guide, I’m going to show you some epic spots.

Let’s begin.

Jet Ski Riding Areas around Brisbane

If you haven’t already done so, then I’d join one of the numerous Facebook groups. There you’ll find some legends who are always keen for a weekend group ride without the drama.

But then there are times when you’ll be inclined to head out on your own, especially if you’re a beginner and it all feels a little daunting at the boat ramp. That’s why I created this guide in the first place.

Brisbane jet ski riders generally ride at these locations:

1. Moreton Bay

Your best bet for a great place to launch and explore is Moreton Bay. When the sun’s shining, it’s not uncommon to find hundreds of jet skis exploring this area either being locals or those riding up from the Gold Coast.

There are numerous bayside boat ramps that are my favourite. This includes Redcliffe, Manly, Clontarf, Nudgee Beach and even down Cleveland if I’m keen. There are heaps of spots to explore and the most popular run is to and from Tangalooma.

2. Somerset Dam and Moogerah Dam

If you’re keen for some fresh water and avoiding that corrosion, then head west towards either of these two dams. You’ll find them quite busy with waterskiers on weekends so I’d aim for a mid-week ride if you can.

Most guys do this as a day-trip since both Somerset and Moogerah Dams are close enough, but an overnight camping trip is well worth it. Bring 2 to 3 extra jerry cans of fuel and you’ll have a blast!

3. Brisbane River

Many riders ignore Brisbane River for the fear of the unknown, but I think that means there is more space for those of us who are keen with a sense of adventure. Sure – there could be the occasional log hiding just below the surface, but accidents are less likely.

Just keep an eye out for the ferries and look for the speed limits. In some areas it’s 40-knots and in others it can be unlimited. There are numerous boat ramps along the river and it doesn’t get too busy on weekends since everyone wants to leave for the Gold Coast anyway.

4. Lake Borumba

Lake Borumba wouldn’t be my first choice but a great area if you’re keen for some easy riding or if you’re doing tow-sports. Not too far from the city but also it’s not as well known as Somerset. Still – I’d aim to get there by 8 am especially in summer to avoid the crowds.

5. Logan River

A great alternative to riding in the Brisbane River is the Logan River. A top spot for those living on the south-side of Brisbane and need an easy place to access. You’ll find a great boat ramp just off the M1 (after crossing the big bridge) with plenty of parking. Can be busy with fisherman in the early mornings.

In Summary

There you have it! 5 great spots in which to explore on your personal watercraft this weekend. Ain’t no need to join the traffic jam on the Bruce Highway or down south on the M1. Brisbane might not have the cleanest looking water, but it certainly can be ridden with a jet ski!

Aim to leave home early regardless to make the most of the day, and don’t forget to check the weather forecast and tide times. These two elements can make a real difference between an awesome day and one that sees you become fatigued real quick.

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