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5 Places to Ride Your Jet Ski near Perth

Living in Perth and keen to head out riding with your PWC? I’ve got you covered with epic places to go riding this weekend!

In this guide, I’ll find you some calm waters which are ideal for beginners.

Jet Ski Riding Areas in Perth

Life shouldn’t be all about work. If you’ve got a jet ski in the garage and the weather is good, then head out to one of these spots where you’ll come across other Perth-based PWC owners sharing in the fun.

Whether it’s fishing, towing others or simply out there to cruise around and explore, there is no shortage of places to ride. Most Perth-based PWC riders are found here on weekends:

1. Rottnest Island

A popular spot to head over to is Rottnest Island. In fact, you’ll find dozens of jet skis making the trip over each weekend and some of the local riders get together to do group rides.

Given the nature of the island, the waterways do remain relatively calm even if the swell kicks up. Then again, I wouldn’t be heading out if it’s above 20-knots.

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2. Mandurah

Head south and you’ll find the epic Mandurah region with a choice to either stay on the open ocean or explore the canals and million-dollar homes. If you’re hungry then simply beach your jet ski and get a bite to eat from one of the numerous eateries that dot the foreshore. The boat ramps here can get busier on weekends especially after 8 am so plan your trip carefully to avoid the crowds.

3. Swan River

Taking your jet ski along the Swan River is very much possible and an experience that you can’t miss. I especially love the scenery here and the buzzing nature of the place with all those office buildings makes you feel like Perth is finally evolving. Perfect for a day-time run during the week when others are stuck at work. The ultimate workplace grudge-maker!

4. Garden Island

If you love snorkelling then get yourself to Garden Island. It’s like Rottnest but quieter and you’ll find numerous spots where you can beach your jet ski and explore on 2 legs. Bring a towel in the front storage locker because chances are that you’ll be jumping in and making a splash! Some group rides head out here often so jump on the local Perth Facebook group for the details.

5. Penguin Island

I’ve left one of the best until last! If you’re going to Garden Island then add Penguin Island to your list as well. After all, they’re right next door to teach other! It’s not just beautiful beaches either as you can head inland for some hiking or grab a bite from the cafe there. You might even spot a penguin if you’re lucky!

Other Great Spots

I created this list to show you some of the better and more populated areas where Perth’s jet ski riders head to. However, don’t forget about the Sholwater Islands, Moore River, Rockingham and Carnac Island which are a bit less crowded on weekends. That said – they wouldn’t be my first pick for a beginner.

Getting Started

Jumping on a jet ski and exploring Perth really is a dream. The east coast might claim to be better, but they’ve never see such awesome destinations first-hand and so close to the city.

Remember to plan your trip properly with adequate fuel and check the weather before you head out. That swell can be nasty on a hot summer’s day.

Then again, if the weather’s good….then what are you waiting for?! I’ll see you out there!

And in case you don’t quite have a ski yet, you can always hire on.

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I’m also looking to create a master guide for the whole of Western Australia. If you’re keen for that then let me know. Cheers.

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