Jet Ski vs Boat: 9 Killer Reasons Why Jet Skis Are Best

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I love boats and I love jet skis too. But this is a website completely dedicated to jet ski ownership, riding skills, accessories and How-To guides.

For that reason, I’ll have to be a little biased today. But please know that I love sailing and motorboats too, and one day envision sailing around the world!

Today I’ll detail 9 reasons why jet skis are so much better, and completely win the Jet Ski vs Boat debate. Don’t worry – I still love boats!

Jet Ski Vs Boat Infographic
Jet ski vs boat: 9 killer reasons why jet skis are best 12

It’s time to unpack this.

1. Jet Skis Are Cheaper to Buy

When you compare a performance boat that will cost $70,000+, spending under $15,000 on that new shiny Yamaha or SeaDoo at the dealership sounds much more lucrative.

Jet Ski Vs Boat
You can buy this jet ski for under $10,000!

It’s so much cheaper to buy a jet ski than compared to a boat. I’m not talking aluminium boats here as these can’t be compared, but as for performance boats, you’ll have to spend significantly more. Not only that, but boats are much more expensive to register, insurance and maintain than jet skis.

2. Much Easier To Store

It’s much easier to store a jet ski at home than compared to a boat. You don’t even need an entire single garage space, since you can sit a jet ski trailer in a tight space.

Many people are able to store their jet skis at home instead of a storage yard, leading to enhanced security to prevent theft. It also means you can take your jet ski out 24/7 instead of waiting for the local storage place to open up.

3. You Can Go Much Faster on a PWC

Most jet skis can achieve speeds of 70 miles per hour. Some performance skis can exceed 90 miles per hour. Even at 70 miles per hour, it’s an incredible speed to blast across the water.

Personal Watercraft Are Faster
Jet ski vs boat: 9 killer reasons why jet skis are best 13

Now compare this to a boat. To achieve such speeds you’ll need twin high-performance Yahama or Honda outboards to push such a large boat that will still struggle to achieve 60 miles per month.

4. Tow Sports and Fishing is Still Possible

Who doesn’t love towing tubes and going fishing? It used to really be just for those who owned more expensive boats, but now even a recreation jet ski such as the SeaDoo 130 GTS can tow doughnuts and water tubes, or even pull a water skier.

You can easily go jet ski fishing with a cooler and fishing rack setup. As opposed to many people to buy a jet ski to have fun, some people do like the serene nature of taking a jet ski out for a day of fishing. No need to buy an additional boat!

5. You Can Fit 2 Jet Skis on 1 Trailer

Narrow jet skis now allow 2 skis to fit on 1 trailer, which means you can go on a jet ski adventure with a friend or 3. It also creates more towing stability.

Now this ties in well with the storage space. It doesn’t require much additional storage space to store a dual jet ski trailer than a single trailer. Some people buy 2 jet skis for themselves, one for performance and one for casual fun on the water.

6. No Need to Find a Dock or Mooring Ball

With a boat, you’ll often need to find a dock or mooring ball if it’s too big because there is good potential to damage the hull. Boats are really expensive to fix up too, so owners are cautious.

Jet Ski In Paradise
Jet ski vs boat: 9 killer reasons why jet skis are best 14

Compare that now to a jet ski when you can ride straight up to a beach. You can get what you need and go. No need to mess around with buoys, ropes, anchors or anything else.

7. Quick to Launch and Retrieve

At the boat ramp, jet skis are super easy to launch. You can drop in or pull out your jet ski in 10 minutes. Boats, on the other hand, can take up to an hour to do it properly, leading to hostile or embarrassing situations at the boat ramp. Plus, you’ll probably need someone else to help you with everything.

The time you waste at a boat ramp is less time you can spend having fun on the water. When our time is already so limited work with and responsibilities, the more we can spend actually having fun…the better!

8. Can Be Used for Jumping and Tricks

Try to jump with a boat and you risk serious damage to your hull, electrics and every person on board. They aren’t designed for fun apart from some high speeds.

Jet skis are really designed for fun. You can go wave jumping with a jet ski, race your friends around rivers and lakes, plus even do some tricks. You’re going to have a bigger smile on your face with a personal watercraft than a boat.

9. Don’t Need Friends To Still Have Fun!

With a boat, you’ll want to take some friends out to have fun otherwise it’s so boring. You’ll have this big maritime vessel all to yourself.

Jet Ski Solo
Jet ski vs boat: 9 killer reasons why jet skis are best 15

I routinely go jet skiing with just myself. Sometimes it’s good to meet up with others out there on the waterways but it doesn’t need to happen. I can rock up to the boat ramp solo and still have a great day on the water without talking to anyone. Perfect for introverts!

Summary: Boats vs Jet Skis

Jet skis are much better than jet skis, for even more reasons than what I’ve detailed here. You’ll have more fun for a lot cheaper, and your kids can still join you.

It’s a bit harder to take your dogs on your jet ski, but it’s still possible. Smaller dogs can fit in a motorcycle dog pod that you can strap on to your jet ski, but you’ll have to ride much slower. That said, leaving your dog at home for a few hours isn’t really an issue.

Boats still have their advantages. They are more comfortable to ride in, let you take a group of people and provide superior sun and rain protection. I love sailing and large cruising yachts, so don’t think I’m a hater!

Sure, boats have their good stuff but if none of that matters to you, then get a jet ski and have an endless smile on your face. 🙂

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