12 Popular Sea-Doo Spark Accessories + Upgrades Worth Considering

Best Sea Doo Spark Accessories

Right – you’ve just come home from the dealership with a brand-spanking-new Sea-Doo Spark and are wanting to make it even better. By better…I mean faster.

Or perhaps you’ve been out a few times and just wish it could be a little more…everything.

Disappointments aside, you’re probably not at the stage just yet that you’re listing her for sale in lieu of a more powerful jet ski. So in this guide, I wanted to show you some affordable accessories you can add to your Sea-Doo Spark so you can have more fun out there on the waterways.

Let’s begin!

Best Sea-Doo Spark Accessories and Upgrades

I did a lot of hunting around to make this super easy for you. After all, the Spark has the potential to be a better ski but at this price-point, Sea-Doo does have to cut some corners.

These Sea-Doo Spark accessories are the most popular:

1. Swimming Platform Reboarding Step

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One of the best investments you’ll ever make into your new jet ski is a reboarding step. It affixes on to the ride side of the transom and has some grip so your knee doesn’t slide off. Pretty easy to install this one yourself or likewise you can take it down to the dealership if needed. Often this is an upgrade that they recommend when you’re buying the jet ski in the showroom.

2. Sea-Doo Spark Fenders

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These snap-in finders which mount along your hull without any tools or drilling are a must if you dock often. After all, you want to protect your hull from damage for a decent resale value. They’re also bright red and the benefit is that they’re easy to see at nighttime launching/retrieving at the boat ramp or in setting or rising sun where glare can hamper your vision.

3. Manual Mechanical Reverse Kit

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One of the biggest drawbacks of the Sea-Doo Spark is that they don’t come with iBR and it isn’t something to expect at this price point. Then again, the Spark isn’t designed as a speed demon but if you did want to install a reverse system on a Sea-Doo Spark, then this is the perfect upgrade.

4. Knee Pads

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Going back to the cheap nature of the Spark, it doesn’t come with the hull cushioning that other luxury or performance-orientated jet skis have. Plus the null is quite narrow so you do have space to let your legs sit out wider, but it’s nice to have some knee pads so you can rest comfortably.

5. Storage Cover

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If you’re going to winterize your Sea-Doo Spark, one of the key accessories is having a cover. This way you can avoid dust, critters and mould from building up over the winter months. While you can get cheaper covers on Amazon, I do advocate that you spend that extra coin on proper Sea-Doo covers as they fit like a glove.

6. Front Deflector and Cargo Bin Compartment

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If you want your Sea-Doo Spark to not only look a little different but have some storage for a towel and water bottle, then this is what you need. I was blown away by how easy this is to install (about 10 minutes) and the drain holes at the bottom meant that any water that got in didn’t hang around. It’s not water-proof but if you’re just coasting around then you won’t have much to worry about.

7. LinQ Base Kit

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You might think this small little attachment plate doesn’t fit this list so well, but it does! By installing the LinQ Base Kit you’ll actually open up a whole world of options including being able to mount an extra gas can, a fishing rod system or a cooler on the back of your Sea-Doo Spark. Well worth it for the minimal price you’ll pay for this.

8. Handle Grips

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The stock Sea-Doo Spark grips are pretty ordinary so a great upgrade is installing some more ergonomic grips to hang on to. I recommend these which you’ll typically see on performance and luxury jet skis and they’re designed for larger hands.

9. Speed Tie Mooring Docking System

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What is this weird contraption you might ask? Well, it’s designed to make your docking so much better. Essentially, it’s a retractable tie down line for use at the boat ramp and the dock. It’s not cheap but if you struggle with this part of your day and messing around with ropes, then it’s well worth it. To install, I recommend checking out some YouTube videos as Sea-Doo themselves are a bit vague with their instruction manual.

10. Spark Rear Deck Grip Floor Mat Gripper

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Once the rear of your Sea-Doo Spark gets wet, things can get a little slippery, unfortunately. This is why I’m always recommending new owners to get some gripper foam. While you can get some cheap materials from the hardware store used on RVs, Sea-Doo has its own proper floor mats which will make getting back onboard so much easier and safer!

11. Tow Pro Ski Pylon Spotter and Wake Board Rack

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While I don’t advocate that you use the Sea-Doo Spark for tow sports, some people do use it for taking the kids around the lake at slow speeds. If that’s you, then getting the ski pylon is a must as it’ll stop the rope from potentially getting wrapped in the impeller.

12. Spark PWC Extended Range Variable Trim System (VTS)

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The Variable Trim System upgrade for the Sea-Doo Spark is one of the better accessories to invest in, provided you’ll keep your PWC for the long term. In simple terms, the VTS on a Sea-Doo Spark adjusts your angle on the water so you can tilt down slightly, tilt up slightly or stay perfectly flat. It all depends on the conditions at the time and if you’re doing jumps or towing others. Certainly one great feature to have which you’ll find on many luxury jet skis!

In Summary

There we have it! 12 awesome accessories and upgrades that you probably didn’t know about. I hope these can help you enjoy a better day out there on the waterways without breaking the bank. Most of these you can fit yourself too!

Also…unlucky 13 would be a pair of Sea-Doo Spark mirrors. Generally, I don’t recommend these as you can’t rely on them in the same way that you rely on car mirrors, but for a beginner, they do give some peace of mind.

If you’re wanting to use your Spark for fishing, then start with the very low-cost LinQ attachment I featured above. This will open up more possibilities including the Sea-Doo cooler which does fit the Spark easily.

7 Reasons NOT To Buy A Sea-Doo Spark

Seadoo Spark

Ah yes, the Sea-Doo Spark…a jet ski that revolutionized the industry and brought affordability to those who otherwise couldn’t afford to spend $13k and above.

But for the uninitiated, you might come to realize that, despite all slick marketing videos, the Sea-Doo Spark just isn’t worth it. For most people, at least. 🙃

After all, for only a little extra, you can get yourself a GTI which comes with a whole host of extra features including more power and most importantly, less judgment at the boat ramp.

(Indeed, a real issue which you’ll experience if you decide to buy the Spark, though the Trixx does command some respect ’cause it’s pretty damn fun!)

So in this guide, I’ll show you 7 reasons why you wouldn’t want to buy a Spark and instead spend that little extra on the GTI. Because quite simply, the price difference isn’t that great after all.

Author’s note: I’m a Sea-Doo advocate with a genuine love for the brand, and in some cases, the Spark does have some value which I’ll cover later in the article.

Anyway, let’s begin!

Here are 7 reasons why the Sea-Doo Park isn’t worth it:

1. The Sea-Doo Spark is Slow

Yep, they’re slow. Not super slow but you can expect a Sea-Doo Park to reach a maximum of 42 MPH or 67km. You’ll be even slower with a passenger and a full tank of fuel, especially if it’s choppy out there.

That said – some waterways are limited to 40-knots anyway or you may not need to go that fast. But if you’re looking for some speed, then you’ll get bored of this pretty quickly.

2. Difficult to Handle in Swell

The Sea-Doo Spark falls into the Recreational-Lite category which only became popular recently. These PWCs are made more cheaply and thus use lightweight components.

I like to joke that you can just about lift a Sea-Doo Spark off the trailer with another set of hands on the other side. This lightweight nature is akin to taking a canoe into the ocean. Sure…you can do it…but you may not be smiling after 20 minutes.

3. Underpowered For Tow-Sports

The Sea-Doo Spark is capable of tow sports including taking kids on the tube, however, it is very lacking in power with 2 passengers. Add in a child on a tube and there’s going to be quite a bit of strain on that little 1000cc engine which might see an expiry earlier than the typical 200 hours.

Keep in mind that in some districts, you can’t actually use a jet ski with 2 seats for tow-sports. You can only do tow sports with a 3 seat jet ski such as the 3UP. Why? Because 1 seat is for the driver, 1 is for the spotter and the 3rd seat is reserved for the individual on the wakeboard or tube. Thus, some people have to write off the 2UP Spark as a choice for tow sports.

4. Difficult For Swimming & Snorkeling

In addition to cruising the waterways, doing some fishing and even trying some mild jumps, you might want to use your jet ski for swimming and snorkeling. For instance, it’s very popular here in Queensland to ride to Tangalooma and explore the wrecks with a jet ski.

The problem is…the Sea-Doo Spark not only has a super tiny swim deck, but getting on and off the ski can cause it to capsize if you’re a heavier person like me. So something to be really mindful of and a key reason why dealers steer customers in the direction of the GTI or even the GTR.

5. Very Limited Upgrades

There are several Sea-Doo Spark upgrades but most enthusiasts say “What’s the point? It’s a Spark!” but hey, at least Sea-Doo is trying. I guess people buy the Ski and quickly realize that it isn’t as powerful as they hoped, so they look to upgrade it or sell it soon after with low hours. If there is one upgrade I can recommend, it’s a reboarding ladder which will make your life infinitely easier and reduce the risk of capsizing!

6. Feels Like A Toy Jet Ski

Yep, I’m gonna say it and I’m going to get blasted for it too! It does feel like a toy but it is to be expected at this price point. Sea-Doo literally can’t afford to put a nice hull and a powerful and responsive engine between your legs when you aren’t paying top dollar. The feeling of having a toy on the water just doesn’t fill me with confidence especially in the windy seasons or high tidal variations.

7. Attracts Many Critics

When you rock up to the boat ramp and you see numerous other jet ski owners launching or retrieving, you’ll probably want to have a friendly chat. Unless they also own Sparks, that might not go down so well. Mocking Spark owners has become quite popular actually, and sadly, to the detriment of the Sea-Doo brand. Keep that in mind as you’ll need to be a little thick-skinned and avoid the judgment of others for your choice of PWC.

Who Would Buy a Sea-Doo Spark?

Right – enough hate. There are still merits in the Spark hence why it’s one of the most popular jet skis around town.

People who buy these jet skis generally:

  • Want to introduce their children and teenagers to the sport with an easy to handle ski in calm lakes and river systems.
  • Have a dual jet ski trailer and understand the performance-orientated jet skis have an excessive beam to go side by side.
  • Aren’t looking to use their jet ski often, perhaps only every month or so and care little about performance or the judgement of others.
  • FInally – are looking for the most affordable jet ski for fishing. The Spark wins easily here, though it’s better suited for calm waterways of course.

If that sounds like you, then you’ve found the perfect PWC for you. Otherwise, spend the extra dollars for the GTI.

Final Thoughts

Before the haters arrive, let me make one thing certain – the Spark is still a great ski. It fills a gap in the market and addresses people who just want to get out there. If price is a problem for you and you’ve been waiting years, then wait no longer!

It’s light, fun and nimble especially for the smaller riders or those that just want to cruise along. It has its loyal fans yet a greater amount of critics too. If you can handle the critics, then get yourself a Spark.

Otherwise, for just a little more moolah than the 3UP, the GTI is well worth it and simply the best value ski around. In my opinion, it can do just about anything you want out there.

Speaking of which, I can’t wait to see you out there on the waterways!

Best Beginner’s Jet Ski 2022: The Ultimate Buying Guide

First Time Jet Ski Owner

It’s hard being a beginner to the world of jet skis. You go into a dealership and all the models look near-on identical. What’s the difference?

Often I’m asked about my opinion regarding the best jet ski for first-timers. While there is no perfect beginner’s jet ski, I’ve got some great options.

Dealerships have been telling newcomers to the sport to pick up a Yamaha Ex or SeaDoo Spark. Trust me – these are some of the worst options you can choose as a beginner. Heck, some of the worst options overall!

Today I’ll tell you my own opinion about what you should buy if you’re a beginner in the PWC market.

Choosing the Best Beginner’s Jet Ski.

It’s frustrating when I see dealerships say “Get yourself a rec-lite jet ski like the Spark or Ex” when you walk in fresh. I get it – they’re cheap machines.

Best Beginners Jet Ski
Best beginner's jet ski 2022: the ultimate buying guide 58

Trust me, you get what you pay for. I would never recommend you fork out your money for one of these because you’ll soon realize the mistake you’ve made.

It’s clear that the best beginner’s jet ski is one in the Recreation Category. These include:

  1. 2022 Sea-Doo GTI
  2. 2022 Yamaha VX
  3. 2022 Kawasaki STX-15F (not ideal for smaller or nervous riders)

These all represent great value for money.

Upgrading to the Recreation Category

There are two main categories for beginners. These are recreation-light (cheaper) and recreation (better build quality, performance but with a slightly higher price).

Best Jet Ski For Newbies
Best beginner's jet ski 2022: the ultimate buying guide 59

You just simply get a whole lot more, without paying that much more. You’ll find features in the recreation category nowadays that previously you’d only find in significantly higher-performing machines. Having the ability to hit the brakes and even reverse at the boat ramp is one prime example.

Perhaps the biggest one is the stability. It’s just much harder to roll these over. Not only that, but you open up more waterways. Rec-lite jet skis struggle to go out in even the mildest of ocean chop, so you’re restricted to rivers, dams and estuaries.

Going Beyond the Recreation Category

Right, whilst the recreation category is ideal for beginners, some of you just have bigger budgets. You’re looking for a bit of luxury and performance.

With most jet skis these days, you can get two different types of keys. One is a normal key whilst another is a beginner’s key, which is also known as a learner’s key.

This learner’s key reduces the performance of your jet ski through the onboard computer. It’s mainly the thrust and top speed that is greatly reduced.

Which Jet Ski To Buy
Best beginner's jet ski 2022: the ultimate buying guide 60

Why is this important? So you can buy an even better jet ski today, without having to upgrade in 1 to 2 years time when you’ve outgrown the recreation category.

That said, there are many people who never outgrow the recreation category. All skis in this category can hit 50MPH which is very fast. It might not be fast in your car, but without a windscreen and air conditioning, it feels like 100MPH!

So I would recommend the next category up. Certainly, I would never recommend anything beyond this though, as you’re getting into machines that are just too expensive and powerful for a beginner to use on the water.

Stability is Key

Jet ski manufacturers are famous for overestimating the ability of their skis. A 3-seat jet ski is really just built for 2 adults. A 2-seat jet ski is really for one person. The 3-seater does fit 3 people….if you take 1 adult and 2 children that is!

It’s daunting at first to get started with a PWC. This is why stability is key, and why I’d always recommend you spend that little bit extra to upgrade. Trust me – it’s definitely worth it!

  • You’ll be less likely to tip over in less than ideal conditions, or even when boarding normally
  • You can bring the toys such as tubes and fishing equipment with you.
  • Best of all – your significant other is less likely to complain about a sore back side!

Also remember that the wind and current play a factor too. You’ll find greater stability in rough conditions such as open sea with a recreation category and above ski.

The Importance of Brakes (iBR and RIDE)

No manufacturer in the recreation-lite model lineup provides brakes. This saves costs for the buyer. But that could cost you a serious accident and I know friends who have been seriously injured because they didn’t have brakes.

Remember, it’s not you. You’re a good rider. It’s the other people on the waterways that you need to watch out for!

That is why brakes are important. Choose a better jet ski when you’re a beginner by skipping the entry-level area.

Not only that, but docking is so much easier with brakes and reverse. You won’t embarrass yourself with poor maneuvers or using a paddle.

Both leading manufacturers have such features, but with different names.

SeaDoo has their iBR system aka Intelligent Brake and Reverse.

Yamaha has their RiDE system aka Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Features.

That all sounds fancy when it doesn’t need to! This is the jet ski market, not a designer gallery. It’s basically brakes/reverse functions.

What NOT To Do

Right, so I’ve shown you why you must get out of the entry-level market (aka Rec-lite) because in all honesty, the Spark isn’t the best machine out there. It’s cheap, but it’s not fun at all.

Plus, it’s a bit…embarrassing. When you rock up to the boat ramp, everyone knows you’re a beginner. No experienced rider would ever choose one of these basic machines.

Now the biggest mistake people make is choosing a stupidly excessive engine. You don’t need that 300HP beast showcased at the dealership.

Stay away from those. You’re still learning. It will take 12 months of riding MINIMUM before you can handle those speeds and the power. It’s the type of power that will rip your arms off.

Quite literally, you just won’t enjoy your day out on the water. Give it a month or two after purchasing and you’ll be listing it on Craigslist when you should have just bought a standard ski originally.

Essentially, learn to walk before you run. Avoid those big racing machines, but look forward to it! You can always upgrade down the track.

Now some of these machines do have a slow key. A good option if you’re learning but don’t want to transition between two machines. The price difference however is quite high.

Best Beginner’s Jet Ski is One That Delivers the Fun

When you’re starting new, you don’t want anything fancy. Yes – you must get a model with brakes and reverse, but that’s all you need.

Most important is that you must enjoy your day out on the water. You can arrive back safely at the boat ramp ready for another session next week.

Best of all – you can bring the toys and the kids! Even the GTI and VX are powerful enough to pull tubes and even a wakeboard.

Given that you’ve got a safer machine, your children can take the controls too depending on your state/country laws and regulations. At least here in Australia, you can in some places. Much easier to do than on a 300hp machine.

My recommendation is that you get training. Yes, you can get a jet ski license but you should also take a safety course too. What I did was tag along with a jet ski tour for my first few rides before buying my own machine.

In Summary

I understand the allure of buying a cheap machine to just get out on the water. But cheap machines aren’t much fun. Sorry SeaDoo Spark, but you don’t get my tick of approval here.

You’re really limited in what you can do and where you can go with these machines. Their power is limited, with minimal safety functions and they just look so average.

Spend that little bit extra on a proper ski. You’ll also be seen as a real PWC rider at your local boat ramp.

I also understand the allure of buying an expensive machine. If you have the cash, then this is possible too. Just use the learner keys for a few months first.

At the end of the day, I’m just some dude on the internet who loves jet skis. I was once a beginner just like you. Your needs and riding conditions might be different. Just find the right beginner’s jet ski that delivers you years of enjoyment.

4 Best Jet Skis for Fishing in 2022

Jet Ski Fishing Pwc Guide

I’ve seen a massive uptake in the popularity of fishing jet skis in the last 7 years. They have gone from relatively unknown to being quite mainstream.

It’s a little wonder too. Boats just cost too much money in my opinion and unlike a fishing boat, a jet ski can be used for multiple purposes such as adventuring and tow sports.

Best Jet Ski For Fishing
4 best jet skis for fishing in 2022 64

So in this guide, I’ll help you find the right jet ski to bag a seriously nice catch!

The most popular fishing jet skis are:

1. 2022 Sea-Doo Trophy 170

Naturally, I’ll kick this list off with a jet ski that’s absolutely designed for fishing. One that sees guys proudly showing off their catches just about every day in Facebook groups around the world. Most owners are pretty happy with the design characteristics, especially with the wider hull that allows you to stand up quite easily. The only downside? The price which starts at $17,799 USD or $27,309 AUD. Ouch!

Sea-Doo created the Trophy only a couple of years ago after seeing the massive rise in existing owners retrofitting their personal watercraft with a cooler and rocket launchers to hold fishing rods. We’ve come along way with technology but in the past, such modifications were cumbersome, caused damaged to the bodywork and often voided the warranty. The Trophy 170 very much changed all of this and I’m glad that this model has had a huge uptick in global sales.

2. 2022 Yamaha VX Deluxe

If you don’t want to spend all that money and you don’t have a desire to be skirting along at 60-knots, then I’d go for Yamaha’s VX Deluxe. This jet ski is a recreational model with a rear swim platform that’s just big enough to fit a cooler and some rod holders.

Unlike the rest of the VX range which all have a cruiser seat, you can sit on the VX Deluxe seat both ways because it’s relatively flat. Considering that most guys fish off the rear of their jet ski, this makes this one a wise choice. The relatively cheap price-point means that you can fit this all out the way you want and still have change left over for fuel rather than spending up on the Fish Pro. I’d personally love to see Yamaha come out with their own unique fishing jet ski, but for now, at least, this is their best option around town.

3. 2022 Sea-Doo Fishpro Scout 130 or 170

I’ve been a huge fan of the Fishpro 130 for a while. It’s very affordable and is designed for budget-friendly fishing adventures. You can get some excellent accessories such as a cooler and rod holders, or even a trolling motor!

If you’re looking for a jet ski that is more performance/cruiser orientated, then go for the 170. These are perfect if you’re wanting a jet ski to use 80% of the time for cruising around and towing tubes, while using it for fishing the remaining 20% of the time.

4. 2022 Yamaha EX Deluxe

The cheapest fishing jet ski that money can buy is the Yamaha EX, though the EX Deluxe would be better suited as it comes with a reboarding step. These models are more popular with rental fleets given their bare-bones price. If you wanted a jet ski instead of a cheap boat in order to go fishing on weekends and aren’t concerned at all about performance then this is a good choice.

Now – a word on safety. Because these are recreational-lite jet skis, they aren’t the best for standing up and throwing lines into the water. You won’t necessarily tip over if you stand up and lean to the side (much the same way in standing up in a canoe) but it’s certainly easier to capsize an EX than their big brothers, the VX series. If your budget permits, I’d certainly choose the VX Deluxe over this model.

Getting Started

So I’ve now shown you 4 great jet skis which are perfect for outfitting when fishing in the rivers, lakes or even calm oceans. Did you know that I’ve also written some related guides? That’s what Jet Ski Advice is all about – the content!

  1. How do you make your first trip a safe one? Then read my guide about heading out there for an adventure safely: 👉 How To Go Jet Ski Fishing
  2. What accessories can you buy which makes your trip much more enjoyable? Well, I’ve also created a guide for that: 🤙 Best Jet Ski Fishing Accessories

With that in mind, I’m hooking up the trailer in 5 minutes and heading for the boat ramp. Yes, I’m off for another adventure.

See you out there!

What Is The World’s Fastest Jet Ski That Money Can Buy?

Fast Jet Ski

Let’s imagine that the stars aligned in the universe and you’re showered with a large chunk of moolah that needs to be spent on an investment…like a quick PWC! They’re investments, right?

Well, that’s a discussion for our accountants to figure out. It’s great spending the time to research and figure out what the rich guys are buying.

Now, you’d be mistaken for thinking that Yamaha and Sea-Doo have fast jet skis. Instead, that title belongs to a German company.

The fastest commercially-available jet ski that individuals can purchase is the Mansory Black Marlin 550, a model based on the Sea-Doo RXT-X 260RS. With a tune-up to 550 horsepower all powered by its supercharged 1,494cc Rotax engine, speeds of more than 80 miles per hour are achieved. Pricing as of early 2021 is almost $70,000 US-Dollars.

The Fastest Jet Ski On The Planet
What is the world's fastest jet ski that money can buy? 68

How does this machine get so friggin fast and capable of reaching highway speeds within seconds of pulling on the throttle? Well, let’s take a look.

The Engine

To achieve such impressive specs, the team at Mansory have put in 10,000+ man hours to create this weapon for the waterways. I’m always surprised that the legendary Rotax engine can be tuned right up to such an extent and I certainly can’t wait to see the performance of electric jet skis in the very near future.

Body Work

The body of the Black Marlin is actually different than Sea-Doo’s base. They’ve used computer modelling to ensure that less drag is experienced. What you’ll get is a more aggressive design which is dynamic and even somewhat futuristic.

Removing Unnecessities

Just like removing the spare seat from race cars, the team at Mansory have removed any additional weight including the speakers and anything else which could potentially slow you down. The body plastics were even removed and replaced with lighter carbon fibre, and combined has saved almost 10kgs. They even changed the seat given the existing leather seat is quite heavy.

Constant Improvement

The team may not be selling a huge among of these models (I think less than 20 are on the waterways of the world right now) but they’re seeking to constantly improve the characteristics and eventually lower the price. For now, at least, you’d be looking at owning one of the coolest looking personal watercraft that will certainly turn heads at the boat ramp.

Other Fast Jet Skis

Of course, there are notable additions to this list. The type that you should consider as a slightly tuned down version fo the Black Marlin 550 yet they’re just as powerful.

These include Kawasaki’s 2021 Ultra 310R as well as Yamaha’s GP1800R SVHO and its legendary EXR model. These are seriously tough to contend with and not for the faint-hearted. If you simply want one of the best jet skis that not just goes fast, but is great to live with, and is affordable too, then the Sea-Doo GTI is plentiful.

If that’s your first jet ski, then you might find (just like I did) that it’s all that one really needs to have fun out there in both fresh and salt water environments.