12 Popular Sea-Doo Spark Accessories + Upgrades Worth Considering

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12 Popular Sea-Doo Spark Accessories + Upgrades Worth Considering

Right – you’ve just come home from the dealership with a brand-spanking-new Sea-Doo Spark and are wanting to make it even better. By better…I mean faster.

Or perhaps you’ve been out a few times and just wish it could be a little more…everything.

Disappointments aside, you’re probably not at the stage just yet that you’re listing her for sale in lieu of a more powerful jet ski. So in this guide, I wanted to show you some affordable accessories you can add to your Sea-Doo Spark so you can have more fun out there on the waterways.

Let’s begin!

Best Sea-Doo Spark Accessories and Upgrades

I did a lot of hunting around to make this super easy for you. After all, the Spark has the potential to be a better ski but at this price-point, Sea-Doo does have to cut some corners.

These Sea-Doo Spark accessories are the most popular:

1. Swimming Platform Reboarding Step

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One of the best investments you’ll ever make into your new jet ski is a reboarding step. It affixes on to the ride side of the transom and has some grip so your knee doesn’t slide off. Pretty easy to install this one yourself or likewise you can take it down to the dealership if needed. Often this is an upgrade that they recommend when you’re buying the jet ski in the showroom.

2. Sea-Doo Spark Fenders

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These snap-in finders which mount along your hull without any tools or drilling are a must if you dock often. After all, you want to protect your hull from damage for a decent resale value. They’re also bright red and the benefit is that they’re easy to see at nighttime launching/retrieving at the boat ramp or in setting or rising sun where glare can hamper your vision.

3. Manual Mechanical Reverse Kit

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One of the biggest drawbacks of the Sea-Doo Spark is that they don’t come with iBR and it isn’t something to expect at this price point. Then again, the Spark isn’t designed as a speed demon but if you did want to install a reverse system on a Sea-Doo Spark, then this is the perfect upgrade.

4. Knee Pads

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Going back to the cheap nature of the Spark, it doesn’t come with the hull cushioning that other luxury or performance-orientated jet skis have. Plus the null is quite narrow so you do have space to let your legs sit out wider, but it’s nice to have some knee pads so you can rest comfortably.

5. Storage Cover

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If you’re going to winterize your Sea-Doo Spark, one of the key accessories is having a cover. This way you can avoid dust, critters and mould from building up over the winter months. While you can get cheaper covers on Amazon, I do advocate that you spend that extra coin on proper Sea-Doo covers as they fit like a glove.

6. Front Deflector and Cargo Bin Compartment

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If you want your Sea-Doo Spark to not only look a little different but have some storage for a towel and water bottle, then this is what you need. I was blown away by how easy this is to install (about 10 minutes) and the drain holes at the bottom meant that any water that got in didn’t hang around. It’s not water-proof but if you’re just coasting around then you won’t have much to worry about.

7. LinQ Base Kit

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You might think this small little attachment plate doesn’t fit this list so well, but it does! By installing the LinQ Base Kit you’ll actually open up a whole world of options including being able to mount an extra gas can, a fishing rod system or a cooler on the back of your Sea-Doo Spark. Well worth it for the minimal price you’ll pay for this.

8. Handle Grips

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The stock Sea-Doo Spark grips are pretty ordinary so a great upgrade is installing some more ergonomic grips to hang on to. I recommend these which you’ll typically see on performance and luxury jet skis and they’re designed for larger hands.

9. Speed Tie Mooring Docking System

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What is this weird contraption you might ask? Well, it’s designed to make your docking so much better. Essentially, it’s a retractable tie down line for use at the boat ramp and the dock. It’s not cheap but if you struggle with this part of your day and messing around with ropes, then it’s well worth it. To install, I recommend checking out some YouTube videos as Sea-Doo themselves are a bit vague with their instruction manual.

10. Spark Rear Deck Grip Floor Mat Gripper

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Once the rear of your Sea-Doo Spark gets wet, things can get a little slippery, unfortunately. This is why I’m always recommending new owners to get some gripper foam. While you can get some cheap materials from the hardware store used on RVs, Sea-Doo has its own proper floor mats which will make getting back onboard so much easier and safer!

11. Tow Pro Ski Pylon Spotter and Wake Board Rack

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While I don’t advocate that you use the Sea-Doo Spark for tow sports, some people do use it for taking the kids around the lake at slow speeds. If that’s you, then getting the ski pylon is a must as it’ll stop the rope from potentially getting wrapped in the impeller.

12. Spark PWC Extended Range Variable Trim System (VTS)

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The Variable Trim System upgrade for the Sea-Doo Spark is one of the better accessories to invest in, provided you’ll keep your PWC for the long term. In simple terms, the VTS on a Sea-Doo Spark adjusts your angle on the water so you can tilt down slightly, tilt up slightly or stay perfectly flat. It all depends on the conditions at the time and if you’re doing jumps or towing others. Certainly one great feature to have which you’ll find on many luxury jet skis!

In Summary

There we have it! 12 awesome accessories and upgrades that you probably didn’t know about. I hope these can help you enjoy a better day out there on the waterways without breaking the bank. Most of these you can fit yourself too!

Also…unlucky 13 would be a pair of Sea-Doo Spark mirrors. Generally, I don’t recommend these as you can’t rely on them in the same way that you rely on car mirrors, but for a beginner, they do give some peace of mind.

If you’re wanting to use your Spark for fishing, then start with the very low-cost LinQ attachment I featured above. This will open up more possibilities including the Sea-Doo cooler which does fit the Spark easily.

Joshua Smith - Editor

Joshua Smith

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