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7 Things You Can Tow Behind Your Jet Ski

You can really expand the amount of fun you can have on a PWC by utilizing your rear tow hook and finding some good quality marine rope.

Because it’s not just about riding fast, looking cool or jumping waves. Ownership of a PWC really opens up an entire world of opportunities.

A Guide to Jet Ski Watersports and Towables

In this guide, I’ll show you some great things and types of people who can be towed behind you while riding your jet ski. Note: In most states and countries you’ll need a spotter to keep an eye on those around you in addition to you as the operator at the controls.

1. Tow Tubes

The most popular way for a group to have fun with a jet ski is by buying some good quality tubes. You’d want to aim for a maximum of 2 riders as most jet skis don’t quite have the power and torque as a ski boat does. Don’t forget to pack the pump in the car and aim for an electric one so you don’t exhaust yourself before you head out!

2. Waterskiers

Waterskiing is another popular activity and you’ll want to have a reasonably powerful (ideally supercharged) jet ski to get this done properly. A GTR 230 would be reasonable while a Sea-Doo Spark would really struggle, but wouldn’t struggle as much with a tube since a water ski causes less drag on the water, though these skiers need some decent speed.

3. Wakeboarders

Wakeboarding is super fun on a jet ski and even Sea-Doo has the Wake Pro 230 model exactly for this purpose! This is most commonly done in freshwater environments like rivers, lakes and canals. There are some other models that can tow wakeboarders though avoid anything in the rec-lite range as the lack of acceleration won’t allow the individual to get up on plane easily.

4. Tow in Surfers

In some places, it’s difficult for surfers to get out to the best waves and away from the ‘impact zone’. I know personally that South Stradbroke island on the Gold Coast is popular for jet skis towing surfers over through The Spit inlet. There may be rules and regulations about towing surfers into waves but as for transporting them, it’s often not a problem and much easier with a rescue board.

5. Other Jet Skis

When another jet ski breaks down then you can tow ’em quite easily though I’d aim for max 10-knots unless the chop/swell is quite high, then you’ll want to go a little faster to get up on plane. This is why I’d aim to always keep about 30-yards of rope in the front locker just in case. Often the anchor rope is enough.

6. Boats

Just like towing a jet ski, you’re able to tow a boat should it break down in the middle of nowhere. Can this cause you some damage to your jet ski engine? Potentially. It really depends on the size and the current weather condtiions. I wouldn’t aim to be towing 40-foot cruisers but certainly towing a small trailerable fishing boat 2 miles to the closest boat ramp shouldn’t be a problem.

7. Fishing Lines

If you’re into fishing with your jet ski then you can start trolling a line behind at low speed. You’ll want to aim to let out about 200-yards so the distance will not disturb the big game with your idling engine noise. Some guys I know get themselves a large size trolling motor but it’s not that common.

In Summary

If you’re ready to expand your fun, then get yourself into towables and some friends together for a weekend of fun. You may need to upgrade your insurance policy and don’t forget to bring an extra fuel can or two.

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