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Jet Ski Snorkeling: How To Go PWC Swimming & Snorkelling

There are numerous ways in which you can enjoy the freedom of jet ski ownership, and one of those ways is through going snorkelling.

It’s not too difficult and in this guide, I’ll show you how to get the most out of your day under the waterline and seeing a different world that few people will ever experience.

Let’s begin.

Things You’ll Need for Jet Ski Snorkeling

It’s not simply a matter of packing a set of goggles and a snorkel. There is a lot more that makes for a great day out there on the water. That all begins with checking the predicted weather conditions since high winds won’t lead to an enjoyable day out, and neither does recent rain as it makes the water quite murky.

So you can treat this as the perfect jet ski packing list to ensure you don’t get stuck out there.

1. Quality Snorkel

Instead of purchasing some cheap snorkel off Amazon, I prefer to recommend the big name brands whose products last for several years. The oceans need less throw-away plastics and I’m sure you’d agree, so buy yourself a decent snorkel with goggles.

2. Flippers

Some people use flippers and some people don’t. It’s optional and flippers are often too large to fit in the front locker of most jet skis. I’ve seen guys store these in their footwells though it means they do need to ride more conservatively.

3. Jet Ski Anchor

I’ve seen guys rock up to do some snorkelling only to have forgotten the jet ski anchor. Even if you are beaching your jet ski, I’d still recommend an anchor whether it’s an incoming or outgoing tide. I’d be aiming to let out 30 metres of rope in addition to the chain length. It’s also a good way to reference where you are underwater so you don’t get accidentally swept too much by the current.

4. Towel

It goes without saying that you’re going to want to bring a towel. The thing is – you’ll need one that is more adept to be rolled up small as your space will be limited with your other gear. I like to bring two towels and keep one covering my seat of the jet ski while I’m swimming. When I get back, then it’s toasty warm!

5. Diver’s Flag

Some guys I’ve seen use a diver’s flag when they’re snorkelling with their jet ski closeby. This often isn’t necessary nor is it legally required in most places, but great for an area which has a lot of marine traffic (read: weekend warriors!) who might cross over your area.

6. Vinegar

A pro-tip I can give you is to pack some vinegar in the front locker as you’ll never know when you might be bitten. I’ve also seen some guys pack shark deterrent devices but for where I live, it’s completely unnecessary given how reasonably shallow the water is.

7. Cell Phone or VHF Radio

In an emergency situation, you’ll want to have quick access to communications equipment. Don’t depend on cell phone signal everywhere but in 75% of areas you’ll pick up signal just fine as well as having access to changing weather forecast. A VHF is also becoming quite standard given their reduction in costs and small size.

In Summary

There we have it! 7 things you need to pack for a successful trip out there snorkelling with your jet ski. It’s much easier than taking an entire boat especially if you plan ahead.

Stay safe and I’ll catch you out there!

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