How Much Does a Jet Ski Cost? [2022 Price Guide]

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Cost Of Jet Skis

We’ve done the research to find the price of jet skis in 2022 across the United States and Australia. Yamaha, Sea-Doo and Kawasaki jet skis are listed here.

In real-world terms, jet skis do vary in price and will cost between $6,000 for a cheap one with very little power, up to $25,000 for a luxury top-of-the-range jet ski. It really depends on your needs and budget.

The costs also depend on whether you’re buying a new or used PWC. If you buy a used jet ski, then you can expect to save between $2,000 and $7,000 off the new price.

Jet Ski Pricing 2022 Guide

Here is a completely updated pricing guide for the 2022 jet ski season for the main 3 manufacturers. We have created this guide and updated it each year so that you know how much a jet ski will cost in North America and Australia.

These numbers are assuming you were to buy a new one from the dealership without promotions applied.

MakeModelUSD PricingAUD Pricing
Sea-DooSpark 2up 60HP$5,699$8,769
Sea-DooSpark 2up 90HPNANA
Sea-DooSpark 3up 90HP$6,990NA
Sea-DooSpark 2up 90HP iBRNANA
Sea-DooSpark 3up 90HP iBR$7,990$10,999
Sea-DooSpark TRIXX 2up$7,899$12,069
Sea-DooSpark TRIXX 3up$8,499$12,969
Sea-DooGTI 90$9,299$14,989
Sea-DooGTI 130$10,299$16,289
Sea-DooGTI SE 130$11,099NA
Sea-DooGTI SE 170$11,699$17,989
Sea-DooWake 170$12,499NA
Sea-DooGTR 230$12,899$20,409
Sea-DooGTX 170$13,399$20,809
Sea-DooGTX 230$14,399$23,909
Sea-DooGTX 300$16,099NA
Sea-DooGTX Limited 300$18,299NA
Sea-DooWake Pro 230$16,499$26,509
Sea-DooFishpro Scout 130$13,899$19,609
Sea-DooFishpro Scout 170$15,899$22,709
Sea-DooFishpro Trophy 170$17,799$27,309
Sea-DooRXP-X 300$16,099NA
Sea-DooRXP-X RS 300NA$27,409
Sea-DooGTX Limited 230NANA
Sea-DooR-XTX 300$17,499NA
Sea-DooRXT-X RS 300NA$29,209
Sea-DooGTX Limited 300$18,299$29,909
YamahaEX Sport$8,299NA
YamahaEX Deluxe$9,299NA
YamahaVX Deluxe$11,249NA
YamahaVX Cruiser$11,549NA
YamahaVX Limited$12,849NA
YamahaVX Cruiser HO$12,449NA
YamahaGP1800-R HO$13,149NA
YamahaFX HO$14,299NA
YamahaFX Cruiser HO$14,799NA
YamahaGP1800-R SVHO$15,349NA
YamahaFX SVHO$16,799NA
YamahaFX Cruiser SVHO$17,499NA
YamahaFX Limited SVHO$19,099NA
KawasakiSTX 160X$9,899NA
KawasakiSTX 160XNANA
KawasakiULTRA LX$11,699NA
KawasakiSTX 160LXNANA
KawasakiULTRA 310X$17,299NA
KawasakiULTRA 310R$16,488NA
KawasakiULTRA 310LX$19,299NA
Editor’s Note: These prices are reflective of jet skis only and do not include trailer, registration, insurance and any state sales taxes if applicable. Please call your local dealership for the most accurate pricing.
The Cost Of Buying A New Jet Ski From Yamaha, Sea-Doo And Kawasaki
How much does a jet ski cost? [2022 price guide] 3

Editor’s note: Please keep in mind that the COVID supply chain crisis has meant that a jet ski ordered today in early 2022 may take 6 to 9 months until delivery. This is impacting the entire marine industry.

Additional purchase expenses

In addition to the cost of purchasing a jet ski, you’ll also need to set aside an additional 20% of your budget for the following:

  • A quality new trailer from the same dealership. Don’t take the risk of buying a used jet ski trailer as we detail in that reader’s guide.
  • Your safety gear. Budget between $300 and $700 for safety gear including life jacket, wetsuit, helmet and gloves at a minimum.
  • Additional accessories. These include a quality GPS device, tow tubes and fishing rod holders.

Most people are surprised to see the true upfront cost of a new jet ski.

How much do jet skis cost to maintain?

This depends on how often you use your jet ski. If it’s used every weekend, you can expect to have to understand several scheduled logbook servicing internals annually which will cost $250 for labor, not including parts.

In addition to the servicing cost and parts, you’ll need to pay registration each year for your jet ski, as well as registration for your trailer. Depending on your state, you may also need to pay insurance on both the jet ski and trailer too.

The main reason that people sell jet skis is that they can be expensive to maintain. Clearly, it’s not just the upfront cost that we’ve defined here that should be taken into account.

How much fuel will a jet ski use?

On average, it takes 2 to 3 hours of continuous use on a jet ski to completely empty the gas tank. Consider that the more fuel-efficient jet skis such as the Sea-Doo GTI 90 and GTI 130 will often allow riders to ride longer and further where they may clock 4 hours of use.

You won’t be riding continuously though with many riders choosing to stop for a rest 2 to 3 times when out riding. There are fuel stations in most places, but if there aren’t, you can always bring additional fuel.

Which jet ski brand should I buy?

There are only 3 main jet ski brands in the PWC market today. These are Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki. The most popular jet skis are Sea-Doo but they do have a mild reputation for unreliability, with Yamaha proving to be very reliable though lacking in features and style.

Kawasaki, as the poor runner-up with less than a dozen jet skis in their line up, still pack a good punch. If you want a stand up jet ski instead of a sit-down jet ski, then you’ll need to buy a Kawasaki. Their top-of-the-line sitdown jet skis have won many races around the world for their incredible speed and handling abilities.

How long do jet skis last?

Between 200 and 400 hours. In contract, for the more reliable jet skis which aren’t built for performance, you’ll find used jet skis on the market which are at the 300-hour mark. These jet skis will get an additional 100 hours before needing a full engine rebuild. The performance jet skis often are retired after 200 hours (approximately 70 rides) as their engines cannot handle the strain in such harsh conditions.

Can I ride my new jet ski at night?

Jet skis can be ridden at night within certain states and countries, though night riding isn’t normal and you’ll need to ride slower. For this reason, almost none of the manufacturers by default are not installing navigation lights on jet skis so you’ll need to get some aftermarket lights installed from your dealer.

Is it worth me buying one?

With all of that in mind, is it worth buying a jet ski to go riding with? It seems some people are worried about everything and they shouldn’t be.

You see, these days jet skis are more reliable, cheaper and are more fuel-efficient than 10 years ago. Buying a jet ski is worth it if you’re riding at least twice per month, otherwise, just hire one and let others deal with the expenses.

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