How To Go Jet Ski Fishing Like A Pro (2022 Update)

Jet Ski Fishing

Have you seen those guys at the boat ramp or on social media heading out fishing with their jet ski? It’s certainly become very popular in recent years.

So much so that SeaDoo actually has its own Fish Pro designed primarily for those seeking to head out there without the expense of a boat.

Even if you have a performance-orientated jet ski such as a Kawasaki, you can still go fishing. In this guide, I’ll help you get set up properly paired with some tips so you can go out there safely. Let’s begin!

How To Go Fishing With A Jet Ski

Some planning really comes into a day out there on the water. PWC fishing has its perks but it’s not simply a case of hooking up the trailer and heading out.

Jet Ski Fishing
How to go jet ski fishing like a pro (2022 update) 8

Here are the basic steps for a jet ski fishing adventure:

1. Fit A Rear-Mounted Rod Mount and Cooler

A cooler, or esky as the Australians call it, is necessary to mount your fishing rod(s) while you’re out there. Of course, you’ll want to mount one of these before you head out.

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Some jet ski dealerships nowadays sell them in-house although you can also buy them online. If you have an older jet ski then you may need to get one made up. If you’re handy with metalwork then you can make your own mount or get some of your mates to knock one up.

2. Check The Weather Conditions

Going out fishing with your PWC is no different than a conventional boat. You’ll want to check the weather conditions and consult the tide tables before heading out. Anything above 15-knots it’s going to be fun if you’re in seawater.

3. Pack Some Sun Protection

Unlike a boat, you’ll be pretty exposed out there on the water. This is why I recommend you get a wide-brimmed hat to be worn once you pull up to an epic fishing spot.

In addition, I’d aim for a long sleeve shirt which you can change into. Wearing a rashie will cause you to sweat too much out there. One thing that works really well for most fishermen is those shorts that have zips so you can turn them into trousers.

4. Bring a GPS and Fish Finder

Not just for the sake of safety but for discovering where the fish are biting, I’d recommend that you get yourself both of these. In fact, you can get a fish finder and GPS combo nowadays and a VHF radio is a good idea as well.

I actually wrote a guide on finding the right jet ski GPS which has been well praised.

5. Top Up The Fuel Tank

Never leave the boat ramp without a full tank of fuel. Chances that you won’t need additional fuel tanks or bladders if you’re just going out 10 miles for some fishing, but a full tank will add slightly to the stability of your vessel while giving peace of mind if you start heading into a headwind on the way back to the boat ramp.

6. Consider Additional Accessories

If you are aiming to use your jet ski for fishing a majority of the time, then you’ll want to get some additional accessories. Luckily, I’ve created an accessory guide to help you get the very best out of your day out there on the water.

At a glance, some things to buy later are:

  • Rescue board for big game fish
  • A bimini cover to hide from the sun
  • A front-mounted set of rocket launchers

👉 Here Are 12 Accessories You Should Buy to potentially yield a bigger catch.

Other Thoughts

I’ve done a lot of research on this subject and the best thing I can tell you is that you should look at other riders’ setups. This includes in-person and through the numerous YouTube videos around which can help you better understand what will work best for you.

In Summary

There you have it! A basic yet simple guide to making the most out of your fishing adventure. Once you head out for your first session, you’ll pretty quickly discover what the fuss is all about!

Catch you out there!

5 Best Places in Brisbane to Ride a Jet Ski Today

Brisbane Pwc Riding Areas

Yo! So you’re searching to find some places near Brisbane in which you can take your jet ski this weekend.

Luckily, I’ve got you covered!

See, I’m someone who’s spent a fair share of his time exploring the Brisbane and surrounding region and its many waterways so in this guide, I’m going to show you some epic spots.

Let’s begin.

Jet Ski Riding Areas around Brisbane

If you haven’t already done so, then I’d join one of the numerous Facebook groups. There you’ll find some legends who are always keen for a weekend group ride without the drama.

Brisbane Jet Ski Riding
5 best places in brisbane to ride a jet ski today 12

But then there are times when you’ll be inclined to head out on your own, especially if you’re a beginner and it all feels a little daunting at the boat ramp. That’s why I created this guide in the first place.

Brisbane jet ski riders generally ride at these locations:

1. Moreton Bay

Your best bet for a great place to launch and explore is Moreton Bay. When the sun’s shining, it’s not uncommon to find hundreds of jet skis exploring this area either being locals or those riding up from the Gold Coast.

There are numerous bayside boat ramps that are my favourite. This includes Redcliffe, Manly, Clontarf, Nudgee Beach and even down Cleveland if I’m keen. There are heaps of spots to explore and the most popular run is to and from Tangalooma.

2. Somerset Dam and Moogerah Dam

If you’re keen for some fresh water and avoiding that corrosion, then head west towards either of these two dams. You’ll find them quite busy with waterskiers on weekends so I’d aim for a mid-week ride if you can.

Most guys do this as a day-trip since both Somerset and Moogerah Dams are close enough, but an overnight camping trip is well worth it. Bring 2 to 3 extra jerry cans of fuel and you’ll have a blast!

3. Brisbane River

Many riders ignore Brisbane River for the fear of the unknown, but I think that means there is more space for those of us who are keen with a sense of adventure. Sure – there could be the occasional log hiding just below the surface, but accidents are less likely.

Just keep an eye out for the ferries and look for the speed limits. In some areas it’s 40-knots and in others it can be unlimited. There are numerous boat ramps along the river and it doesn’t get too busy on weekends since everyone wants to leave for the Gold Coast anyway.

4. Lake Borumba

Lake Borumba wouldn’t be my first choice but a great area if you’re keen for some easy riding or if you’re doing tow-sports. Not too far from the city but also it’s not as well known as Somerset. Still – I’d aim to get there by 8 am especially in summer to avoid the crowds.

5. Logan River

A great alternative to riding in the Brisbane River is the Logan River. A top spot for those living on the south-side of Brisbane and need an easy place to access. You’ll find a great boat ramp just off the M1 (after crossing the big bridge) with plenty of parking. Can be busy with fisherman in the early mornings.

In Summary

There you have it! 5 great spots in which to explore on your personal watercraft this weekend. Ain’t no need to join the traffic jam on the Bruce Highway or down south on the M1. Brisbane might not have the cleanest looking water, but it certainly can be ridden with a jet ski!

Aim to leave home early regardless to make the most of the day, and don’t forget to check the weather forecast and tide times. These two elements can make a real difference between an awesome day and one that sees you become fatigued real quick.

5 Great Areas near Adelaide to Ride Your Jet Ski

Adelaide Riding Areas

Adelaide is spoilt with some epic jet ski riding areas but to get to most of these spots, you’ll need to haul your jet ski on a trailer for up to 2 hours.

Best Jet Ski Riding Areas Adelaide

In creating this guide, you’ll have to remember that I grew up in Adelaide. Spending many childhood weekends on the Murray River gave me so much exposure to some great riding areas. We also travelled through much of the state, so I certainly know a thing or two.

Here are where most jet ski riders in Adelaide are riding:

1. Coorong, Goolwa and Murray Mouth

Most people pretty much choose the lower reaches of the Murray River where it discharges into the ocean to ride their jet ski. Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert are especially fun areas and the speed limits are reasonable or sometimes non-existent.

Getting there only takes just over an hour from the CBD and there is plenty of space to stretch out and play! I recommend staying overnight with my favourite being Milang but honestly, there are so many good spots worth exploring!

2. Murray River and Mannum

Head upstream and you’ll come across the weekend wonderland for boating and jet ski enthusiasts. For many of us, our childhoods involved staying at Mannum for a weekend of fishing or exploring the waterways.

Murray River Jet Ski
5 great areas near adelaide to ride your jet ski 18

You’ll need to watch out for the ferries that dart every 5 minutes across the waterways. I like to head about 20km upstream from Mannum. For overnighters, the caravan park is great and I’ve personally stayed there many times as a child.

Alternatively (and more cost-effective) too, head on the eastern side for some great camp sites right on the river. While there sometimes aren’t any boat ramps, most riders have no problem with a sand launch assuming they have a 4×4.

3. Kangaroo Island

You can certainly ride around Kangaroo Island with a jet ski with regular events with the local Adelaide riding club(s). If you want more details then hop into the large Facebook group with some local legends who are always keen for a ride.

A ride over to Kangaroo Island is really weather-dependent even in the more sheltered areas. I’d aim to be riding on the eastern side of the island by drawing a triangle between Cape Jervis, Penneshaw and Bay of Shoals or Kingscote. Chances are that you won’t need extra fuel though some guys do carry it.

4. Port River

Now the Port River isn’t much of a great riding area but a great spot to see dolphins with your jet ski without paying for a tourist boat. You’ll get about 15 nautical miles to explore around Torrens Island but you’ll need to watch out for the big ships.

Port River Pwc
5 great areas near adelaide to ride your jet ski 19

There was a company that used to do jet ski hire here but unsure if they are still operating at this time. Most of the jet ski hire companies in Adelaide operate on the Murray River given the vast area in which one can explore.

5. Moana, Aldinga, Maslin’s and Port Willunga

If you fancy some open-ocean riding then I’d aim for the southern part of Adelaide which makes for the perfect day-trip. St. Vincent Gulf is open to the weather elements but on those glassy summer days, it makes it perfect for riding on a jet ski.

Just keep in mind that you do need to keep a set distance from shore to avoid noise to local homeowners alone the esplanade as well as to protect swimmers. It’s generally 200m from the low water mark but I recommend that you check the signage at the boat ramps before you ride away. The sand is also quite hard-packed so most guys actually do a beach launch while parking their 4×4 up on the soft sand.

In Summary

There you have it! Some really great places in which you can explore with your new PWC. Sure, there are numerous lakes way south of the city, popular spots up near Renmark and Barmera and some great riding around Port Augusta, but more than enough close to Adelaide to keep you happy for a couple of years.

In the winter months most people do tend to head up into the northern reaches of the Riverland to avoid that chill. Who said that jet ski riding is only for summer? Certainly the waterways are a lot quieter apart from the occasional houseboat.

Catch you out there!

Jet Ski to Catalina: How Long Does It Take? (2022)

Catalina Island Jet Ski Trip

Have you ever wanted to jump on a jet ski at Long Beach or San Pedro and head over to explore Catalina? Every year thousands of keen enthusiasts do this journey.

Assuming you have some riding experience, it takes 40 to 75 minutes to get to Catalina from the Long Beach boat ramp if you ride your own jet ski. If you choose to join an organised tour, then it will take up to 2 hours as they cater for new/inexperienced PWC riders who ride much slower.

Ride To Catalalina On Jet Skis
Jet ski to catalina: how long does it take? (2022) 23

In this guide, I’m going to help you plan a trip to this beautiful island and soak in the sights and sounds. Let’s do it safely so you can return back to the boat ramp in one piece in the same afternoon.

Planning a Catalina Jet Ski Trip

One of the best experiences that one can have is riding in the open ocean to Catalina on their new PWC. It’s something that is often recommended by the local Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki dealers though a trip of this length requires some pre-planning.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Weather Conditions

While a lot of the tours proclaim that they run year-round, this doesn’t imply that they’ll go out in adverse weather conditions. Anything above 10-knots makes us really feel those bumps while 15-knots is considered to be the upper limit. If you see a forecast for 20-knots then forget it as the chop will mean you either return early or you come back very battered to the boat ramp. Despite the sheltered nature of the Long Beach to Catalina run, it still has some exposure to the heavy seas.

Pack the Right Gear

There are some things that I would recommend that you pack for a Catalina jet ski trip. This includes a mobile phone, EPIRB (spot tracker is acceptable), spare water, tow rope and a full tank of fuel. Some riders also choose to wear a helmet just in case an accident occurs given how far medicare assistance is. Safety first out there!

Join a Group Ride

Did you know that there are several jet ski groups/clubs in California that welcome riders? One of their most popular trips is the Catalina Run which goes around once per month. My suggestion would be to jump into one of the local groups and read through the main feed. You’ll find these events or at the very least, some people who are keen on a ride any time of the week or weekend.

Taking Extra Fuel

It’s unnecessary to take extra gas cans on the back of your jet ski if you’re heading for a trip over to Catalina as there are 2 marina fuel docks on the island. Some jet skis can actually do a return trip without refueling. However, if you’re heading into windy conditions and have a Sea-Doo Spark then you’ll want to bring some cash to fuel the tank up again, or at least plan this into your itinerary.

Where to Park Your Jet Ski

Avalon Beach and Two Harbors are the most popular places to park your jet ski and explore the island. If you’re there on a weekend then try and get there early before half of Los Angeles rocks up otherwise it gets really busy. As for overnight parking, I recommend paying the fees for either Descanso Bay, Hamilton Cove or Avalon Harbor which is quite secure and they may have dry docks. I certainly wouldn’t beach the ski overnight and expect it to still be there in the morning, despite how safe the island is.

In Summary

A trip doesn’t require extensive planning though you’ll need to know where to start, when to go and what to pack. I hope this guide has helped you to have the best day out there on the water.

Have fun and I’ll catch you out there! 😃

7 Things You Can Tow Behind Your Jet Ski

Towing With Jet Ski

You can really expand the amount of fun you can have on a PWC by utilizing your rear tow hook and finding some good quality marine rope.

What To Tow Behind Jet Ski
7 things you can tow behind your jet ski 27

Because it’s not just about riding fast, looking cool or jumping waves. Ownership of a PWC really opens up an entire world of opportunities.

A Guide to Jet Ski Watersports and Towables

In this guide, I’ll show you some great things and types of people who can be towed behind you while riding your jet ski. Note: In most states and countries you’ll need a spotter to keep an eye on those around you in addition to you as the operator at the controls.

1. Tow Tubes

The most popular way for a group to have fun with a jet ski is by buying some good quality tubes. You’d want to aim for a maximum of 2 riders as most jet skis don’t quite have the power and torque as a ski boat does. Don’t forget to pack the pump in the car and aim for an electric one so you don’t exhaust yourself before you head out!

2. Waterskiers

Waterskiing is another popular activity and you’ll want to have a reasonably powerful (ideally supercharged) jet ski to get this done properly. A GTR 230 would be reasonable while a Sea-Doo Spark would really struggle, but wouldn’t struggle as much with a tube since a water ski causes less drag on the water, though these skiers need some decent speed.

3. Wakeboarders

Wakeboarding is super fun on a jet ski and even Sea-Doo has the Wake Pro 230 model exactly for this purpose! This is most commonly done in freshwater environments like rivers, lakes and canals. There are some other models that can tow wakeboarders though avoid anything in the rec-lite range as the lack of acceleration won’t allow the individual to get up on plane easily.

4. Tow in Surfers

In some places, it’s difficult for surfers to get out to the best waves and away from the ‘impact zone’. I know personally that South Stradbroke island on the Gold Coast is popular for jet skis towing surfers over through The Spit inlet. There may be rules and regulations about towing surfers into waves but as for transporting them, it’s often not a problem and much easier with a rescue board.

5. Other Jet Skis

When another jet ski breaks down then you can tow ’em quite easily though I’d aim for max 10-knots unless the chop/swell is quite high, then you’ll want to go a little faster to get up on plane. This is why I’d aim to always keep about 30-yards of rope in the front locker just in case. Often the anchor rope is enough.

6. Boats

Just like towing a jet ski, you’re able to tow a boat should it break down in the middle of nowhere. Can this cause you some damage to your jet ski engine? Potentially. It really depends on the size and the current weather condtiions. I wouldn’t aim to be towing 40-foot cruisers but certainly towing a small trailerable fishing boat 2 miles to the closest boat ramp shouldn’t be a problem.

7. Fishing Lines

If you’re into fishing with your jet ski then you can start trolling a line behind at low speed. You’ll want to aim to let out about 200-yards so the distance will not disturb the big game with your idling engine noise. Some guys I know get themselves a large size trolling motor but it’s not that common.

In Summary

If you’re ready to expand your fun, then get yourself into towables and some friends together for a weekend of fun. You may need to upgrade your insurance policy and don’t forget to bring an extra fuel can or two.